Routine Pathological Examination of Operative Specimens from Primary Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement: Another Look
Cost and Effectiveness of Routine Pathological Examination of Operative Specimens Obtained During Primary Total Hip and Knee Replacement in Patients with Osteoarthritis*
Occult Sarcoma of the Femoral Head in Patients Undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty : A Report of Two Cases*
Evaluating the Source and Content of Orthopaedic Information on the Internet : The Case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome*
Stabilized Subcutaneous Ulnar Nerve Transposition with Immediate Range of Motion : Long-Term Follow-up*
Evaluation of Preoperative Cultures Before Second-Stage Reimplantation of a Total Knee Prosthesis Complicated by Infection : A Comparison-Group Study*
Spinal Deformity in Familial Dysautonomia : Prevalence, and Results of Bracing*
Orthopaedic Manifestations of Familial Dysautonomia : A Review of One Hundred and Thirty-six Patients*
North American Experience with Knee Disarticulation with Use of a Posterior Myofasciocutaneous Flap : Healing Rate and Functional Results in Seventy-seven Patients*
Complications of Repair of the Distal Biceps Tendon with the Modified Two-Incision Technique*†
Comparison of Proprioception in Arthritic and Age-Matched Normal Knees*
The Effect of Nerve-Root Injections on the Need for Operative Treatment of Lumbar Radicular Pain : A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Double-Blind Study*
Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Proximal Part of the Humerus: Relevance to Arthroplasty*
Axial Alignment of the Lower Extremity in Chinese Adults*
Outcome After Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Lisfranc Joint Injuries*
Muscle Performance About the Knee Joint in Patients Who Had Distal Femoral Replacement After Resection of a Bone Tumor : An Objective Study with Use of Gait Analysis*
The Bisurface Total Knee Replacement: A Unique Design for Flexion : Four-to-Nine-Year Follow-up Study*
Metastasis of Osteosarcoma to Soft Tissue : A Case Report*
Patellar Malalignment*
Evaluation and Treatment of Recurrent Instability After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction*†
Academy Introduces Web-Based Medical Education for Fellows and Patients
Ethics in Practice : Advertising and Marketing
Search for Hepworth Paintings
Misrepresentation of Research Criteria
Misrepresentation of Research Criteria
Rotator Cuff Arthropathy
Rotator Cuff Arthropathy
Range of Motion of the Hip
Range of Motion of the Hip
Retrograde Intramedullary Nailing
Retrograde Intramedullary Nailing
Open Discectomy Compared with Arthroscopic Microdiscectomy
Open Discectomy Compared with Arthroscopic Microdiscectomy
Perioperative Use of Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin
Perioperative Use of Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin
Thornton Brown, M.D. 1913-2000
News Notes
Fundamentals of Pediatric Orthopedics.
Atlas of Hand Surgery.
MRI of the Musculoskeletal System.
Transplantation of Cryopreserved Osteochondral Dowel Allografts for Repair of Focal Articular Defects in an Ovine Model
Marrow-derived Progenitor Cell Injections Enhance New Bone Formation during Distraction
Hamstrings and Iliotibial Band Forces Affect Knee Kinematics and Contact Pattern
Effect of Compressive Loading on Chondrocyte Differentiation in Agarose Cultures of Chick Limb-Bud Cells
MET Oncogene Aberrant Expression in Canine Osteosarcoma
Significance of Changes in the Reference Position for Measurements of Tibial Translation and Diagnosis of Cruciate Ligament Deficiency
Contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Nontraumatic Rabbit Osteonecrosis Model
Effects of Low Oxygen Concentrations and Metabolic Inhibitors on Proteoglycan and Protein Synthesis Rates in the Intervertebral Disc
Reduced Anterior Tibial Translation Associated with Adaptive Changes in the Anterior Cruciate Ligament-Deficient Joint: Goat Model
Hamstrings Cocontraction Reduces Internal Rotation, Anterior Translation, and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Load in Weight-bearing Flexion
Multidrug Resistance-1 and P-glycoprotein in Human Chondrosarcoma Cell Lines: Expression Correlates with Decreased Intracellular Doxorubicin and In Vitro Chemoresistance
Initial Evidence for the Involvement of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Early during Periosteal Chondrogenesis
Biomechanical Evaluation of Early Fracture Healing in Normal and Diabetic Rats
Responsiveness of Bovine Chondrocytes to Growth Factors in Medium with Different Serum Concentrations
Stiffness, Viscosity, and Upper-Limb Inertia about the Glenohumeral Abduction Axis
Assessment of Resorbable Bioactive Material for Grafting of Critical-size Cancellous Defects