Introductory Comments
Prevalence of Dislocation After Total Hip Arthroplasty Through a Posterolateral Approach with Partial Capsulotomy and Capsulorrhaphy
Radiographic and Histologic Assessment of Calcium Sulfate in Experimental Animal Models and Clinical Use as a Resorbable Bone-Graft Substitute, a Bone-Graft Expander, and a Method for Local Antibiotic Delivery : One Institution's Experience
Cartilage Injury Induces Chondrocyte Apoptosis
In Vitro and in Vivo Models of Cartilage Injury
Prevention of Chondrocyte Apoptosis
New Polys for Old: Contribution or Caveat?
Classification of Mobile-Bearing Knee Designs: Mobility and Constraint
The Parachute Technique: Valgus Impaction Osteotomy for Two-Part Fractures of the Surgical Neck of the Humerus
Three-Dimensional Morphology of the Distal Part of the Femur Viewed in Virtual Reality
Range of Motion of Posterior-Cruciate-Substituting Total Knee Replacements: The Effect of Bearing Mobility
Fluoroquinolone's Effect on Growth of Human Chondrocytes and Chondrosarcomas : In Vitro and in Vivo Correlation
e-Knee: Evolution of the Electronic Knee Prosthesis : Telemetry Technology Development