Acute Total Hip Arthroplasty for Selected Displaced Acetabular Fractures : Two to Twelve-Year Results
A Gender-Related Difference in the Contribution of the Knee Musculature to Sagittal-Plane Shear Stiffness in Subjects with Similar Knee Laxity
Arthroscopic Débridement of the Knee for Osteoarthritis in Patients Fifty Years of Age or Older : Utilization and Outcomes in the Province of Ontario
Erythrocyte Viability in Blood Salvaged During Total Joint Arthroplasty with Cement
Treatment of Syndesmotic Disruptions of the Ankle with Bioabsorbable Screw Fixation
Lumbosacral Agenesis: A New Classification Correlating Spinal Deformity and Ambulatory Potential
Prophylaxis Against Fat and Bone-Marrow Embolism During Total Hip Arthroplasty Reduces the Incidence of Postoperative Deep-Vein Thrombosis : A Controlled, Randomized Clinical Trial
Pathologic Fracture in Osteosarcoma : Prognostic Importance and Treatment Implications
Effect of Acetabular Modularity on Polyethylene Wear and Osteolysis in Total Hip Arthroplasty
The Effectiveness of Isolated Tibial Insert Exchange in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty
Alumina-on-Alumina Total Hip Arthroplasty : A Minimum 18.5-Year Follow-up Study
Effect of Synergistic Wrist Motion on Adhesion Formation After Repair of Partial Flexor Digitorum Profundus Tendon Lacerations in a Canine Model in Vivo
Structural Stages in the Development of the Long Bones and Epiphyses : A Study in the New Zealand White Rabbit
Reactivation of Ancient Tuberculous Arthritis of the Hip Following Total Hip Arthroplasty : A Case Report
Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma at the Site of a Previously Treated Aneurysmal Bone Cyst : A Case Report
Injuries to the Cervical Spine in American Football Players
Evaluation of Children with Suspected Cervical Spine Injury
The Orthopaedic Genome: What Does the Future Hold and Are We Ready?
Traumatic Instability of the Wrist : Diagnosis, Classification, and Pathomechanics
A Question of Prevalence: Liner Dislodgment in Harris-Galante Acetabular Components
A Question of Prevalence: Liner Dislodgment in Harris-Galante Acetabular Components
Nondisplaced Scaphoid Fractures: Assessment and Treatment
Nondisplaced Scaphoid Fractures: Assessment and Treatment
Supporting the Orthopaedic Clinician-Scientist
Supporting the Orthopaedic Clinician-Scientist
Definition of Axial Alignment of the Lower Extremity
Definition of Axial Alignment of the Lower Extremity
Ghost Surgery: The Ethical and Legal Implications of Who Does the Operation
What's New in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
THE Orthopaedic Calendar
Advanced Arthroscopy
The Athlete's Elbow
The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery Continuing Medical Education CME Review Questions : October, November, December 2001
Desbridamiento artroscópico de la rodilla para la osteoartritis en pacientes de cincuenta o más años de edad : Utilización y Resultados en la Provincia de Ontario
Debridamento Artroscópico do Joelho para Osteoartrite em Pacientes com Cinqüenta Anos ou mais : Utilização e resultados Obtidos na Província de Ontário
Viabilidad de los eritrocitos en la sangre recuperada durante la artroplastía articular total con cemento
Viabilidade do Eritrócito na Recuperação do Sangue durante a Artroplastia Total da Junta com Cimento
Tratamiento de las rupturas sindesmóticas del tobillo con fijación de tornillo bioabsorbible
Tratamento de Rupturas Sindesmóticas do Tornozelo com Fixação por Parafuso Bioabsorvível
Agenesia sacrolumbar: Una nueva clasificación que correlaciona la deformidad vertebral y la posibilidad ambulatoria
Agênese Lombossacra: Uma Nova Classificação que Correlaciona Deformidade Espinhal e Potencial Deambulatório
Efecto del movimiento sinérgico de la muñeca en la formación de adhesión, después de reparar laceraciones parciales del tendón del flexor profundo de los dedos de la mano, en un modelo canino in vivo
Efeito do Movimento Sinérgico do Pulso na Formação da Adesão após o Reparo de Lacerações Parciais do Tendão Flexor Digitorium Profundus em Modelo Canino in Vivo