Periprosthetic Patellar Fractures

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➤ Periprosthetic patellar fractures may be the most common fractures complicating total knee arthroplasty.➤ Clinical and radiographic examinations should be focused on determining the integrity of the extensor mechanism and the fixation of the patellar component.➤ The etiology of periprosthetic patellar fractures is multifactorial and may be classified on the basis of intraoperative or postoperative factors.➤ Minimally displaced fractures with an intact extensor mechanism and patellar component are best treated nonoperatively with a short period of immobilization.➤ Operative treatment of periprosthetic patellar fractures often yields poor results with high complication rates and little functional improvement. Operative intervention should be reserved for fractures associated with extensor mechanism dysfunction and patellar component loosening.

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