Comparison of Autogenous Bone Graft and Endothermic Calcium Phosphate Cement for Defect Augmentation in Tibial Plateau Fractures : A Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized Study
Use of a Postoperative Lumbar Corset After Lumbar Spinal Arthrodesis for Degenerative Conditions of the Spine : A Prospective Randomized Trial
The Reproducibility and Repeatability of Varus Stress Radiographs in the Assessment of Isolated Fibular Collateral Ligament and Grade-III Posterolateral Knee Injuries : An in Vitro Biomechanical Study
Surgical Treatment of Main Thoracic Scoliosis with Thoracoscopic Anterior Instrumentation : A Five-Year Follow-up Study
Correspondence Between Perceived Disability and Objective Physical Impairment After Elbow Trauma
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Patients with Workers' Compensation Claims Have Worse Outcomes After Rotator Cuff Repair
Single-Leg-Stance (Flamingo) Radiographs to Assess Pelvic Instability: How Much Motion Is Normal?
Single-Leg-Stance Radiographs in the Diagnosis of Pelvic Instability
Prophylactic Bypass Grafting and Long-Term Bracing in the Management of Anterolateral Bowing of the Tibia and Neurofibromatosis-1
Relationship Between Hypovascular Zones and Patterns of Ruptures of the Quadriceps Tendon
Low Incidence of Anti-Osteoporosis Treatment After Hip Fracture
Surgical Treatment of Calcaneal Deformity in a Select Group of Patients with Myelomeningocele
Total Hip Arthroplasty for Primary Osteoarthritis in Patients Fifty-five Years of Age or Older : An Analysis of the Finnish Arthroplasty Registry
The Early Effects of Tendon Transfers and Open Capsulorrhaphy on Glenohumeral Deformity in Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy
Total Shoulder Arthroplasty with a Metal-Backed, Bone-Ingrowth Glenoid Component : Medium to Long-Term Results
Enhancement of Periprosthetic Bone Quality with Topical Hydroxyapatite-Bisphosphonate Composite
Management of Acute Distal Humeral Fractures in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis : A Case Series
rhBMP-12 Accelerates Healing of Rotator Cuff Repairs in a Sheep Model
Thrombophilia, Hypofibrinolysis, the eNOS T-786C Polymorphism, and Multifocal Osteonecrosis
Chronic Failure of a Lumbar Total Disc Replacement with Osteolysis : Report of a Case with Nineteen-Year Follow-up
Pseudoaneurysm of the Anterior Tibial Artery After Ankle Arthroscopy Treated with Ultrasound-Guided Compression Therapy : A Case Report
Nonresectable Multiple Lung Metastases of High-Grade Osteosarcoma of the Humerus: Stable After Twelve Years : A Case Report
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Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures in Young Adults
Hip Disease in the Young Adult: Current Concepts of Etiology and Surgical Treatment*
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Phillip G. Spiegel, MD, MBA* 1936-2008