Proximal Humeral Fracture as a Risk Factor for Subsequent Hip Fractures
Fractures of the Lesser Tuberosity of the Humerus
Radiographic Identification of the Primary Medial Knee Structures
Effect of Cultural Factors on Outcome of Ponseti Treatment of Clubfeet in Rural America
Subtalar Fusion After Displaced Intra-Articular Calcaneal Fractures
Medical Errors in Orthopaedics
In Vivo Noninvasive Evaluation of Abnormal Patellar Tracking During Squatting in Patients with Patellofemoral Pain
Fungating Soft-Tissue Sarcomas
The Role of Pantalar Arthrodesis in the Treatment of Paralytic Foot Deformities
Spinal Hemiepiphysiodesis Decreases the Size of Vertebral Growth Plate Hypertrophic Zone and Cells
Periprosthetic Humeral Fractures During Shoulder Arthroplasty
Effect of Time to Resumption of Chemotherapy After Definitive Surgery on Prognosis for Non-Metastatic Osteosarcoma
Association Between Decreased Bone Mineral Density and Severity of Distal Radial Fractures
A Nonlocking End Screw Can Decrease Fracture Risk Caused by Locked Plating in the Osteoporotic Diaphysis
Antibiotic-Impregnated Cement in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty
Cost-Effectiveness of Antibiotic-Impregnated Bone Cement Used in Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty
Compartment Syndrome Associated with Distal Radial Fracture and Ipsilateral Elbow Injury
Acetabular Revision with Impacted Morselized Cancellous Bone Graft and a Cemented Cup in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Identification of Progenitor Cells That Contribute to Heterotopic Skeletogenesis
Familial Tumoral Calcinosis
Range of Motion in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Wound Complications Following the Use of FiberWire in Lower-Extremity Traumatic Amputations
Lower-Extremity Zygomycosis in a Patient with Traumatic Injuries
Metastatic Carcinoma as an Unusual Cause of Knee Pain After Total Knee Arthroplasty
Superior Vena Cava Compression During Posterior Spinal Fusion for Idiopathic Scoliosis
Acetabular Labral Tears
Intertrochanteric Fractures
The Institute of Medicine Report on Resident Duty Hours
The Institute of Medicine Report on Resident Duty Hours
Molecular Biology and Therapeutics in Musculoskeletal Oncology*
Musculoskeletal Preclinical Medical School Education
Discussing Treatment Options
What's New in Pediatric Orthopaedics
Orthopaedic Pathology. 2nd ed.