Design, Conduct, and Interpretation of Nonrandomized Orthopaedic Studies : A Practical Approach
Hierarchy of Evidence : Where Observational Studies Fit in and Why We Need Them
Principles of Designing a Cohort Study in Orthopaedics
Principles of Designing an Orthopaedic Case-Control Study
How to Design a Good Case Series
Survey Design in Orthopaedic Surgery : Getting Surgeons to Respond
Outcome Measures and Implications for Sample-Size Calculations
Outcome Instruments : Rationale for Their Use
Analysis of Observational Studies : A Guide to Understanding Statistical Methods
Authorship and Ethical Considerations in the Conduct of Observational Studies
The Use of Hospital Registries in Orthopaedic Surgery
Using Observational Data for Decision Analysis and Economic Analysis
Multicenter Collaboration in Observational Research : Improving Generalizability and Efficiency
Methodological Issues in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses of Observational Studies in Orthopaedic Research
An Evidence-Based Approach to the Adoption of New Technology
Evaluating Agreement : Conducting a Reliability Study
Qualitative Research : A Review of Methods with Use of Examples from the Total Knee Replacement Literature