Randomized Trials in Orthopaedic Surgery
Randomized Trials in Surgery
Ethical Issues in the Design of Randomized Trials
Lessons Learned from Benchmark Orthopaedic Trials
Pilot Randomized Trials
The Tactics of Large Randomized Trials
Emerging Designs in Orthopaedics
Adaptive Bayesian Randomized Trials
Efficient Designs
The Tactics of Modern-Day Regulatory Trials
Managing Data in Surgical Trials
The Darker Side of Randomized Trials
The Dangers of Stopping a Trial Too Early
Subgroup Analyses
Use and Interpretation of Composite End Points in Orthopaedic Trials
Adjudicating Outcomes
Revisiting Sample Size
On the Prevention and Analysis of Missing Data in Randomized Clinical Trials
The Changing Landscape of Product Development and Randomized Trials
Global Randomized Trials
Orthopaedic Trial Networks
Overcoming the Funding Challenge
Participating in Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trials
Observational Studies in the Era of Randomized Trials