Randomized Trials in Orthopaedic Surgery : One Step Closer
Randomized Trials in Surgery : How Far Have We Come?
Ethical Issues in the Design of Randomized Trials : To Sham or Not to Sham
Lessons Learned from Benchmark Orthopaedic Trials
Pilot Randomized Trials : Is There a Need?
The Tactics of Large Randomized Trials
Emerging Designs in Orthopaedics : Expertise-Based Randomized Controlled Trials
Adaptive Bayesian Randomized Trials : Realizing Their Potential
Efficient Designs : Factorial Randomized Trials
The Tactics of Modern-Day Regulatory Trials
Managing Data in Surgical Trials : A Guide to Modern-Day Data Management Systems
The Darker Side of Randomized Trials : Recruitment Challenges
The Dangers of Stopping a Trial Too Early
Subgroup Analyses : When Should We Believe Them?
Use and Interpretation of Composite End Points in Orthopaedic Trials
Adjudicating Outcomes : Fundamentals
Revisiting Sample Size : Are Big Trials the Answer?
On the Prevention and Analysis of Missing Data in Randomized Clinical Trials : The State of the Art
The Changing Landscape of Product Development and Randomized Trials
Global Randomized Trials : The Promise of India and China
Orthopaedic Trial Networks
Overcoming the Funding Challenge : The Cost of Randomized Controlled Trials in the Next Decade
Participating in Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trials : What’s the Relative Value?
Observational Studies in the Era of Randomized Trials : Finding the Balance