Instability of the sternoclavicular joint
Management of developmental dysplasia of the hip in young adults
Non-invasive imaging of cartilage in early osteoarthritis
Independent predictors of failure up to 7.5 years after 35 386 single-brand cementless total hip replacements
Outcomes and complications of total hip replacement in super-obese patients
The surgical anatomy of the piriformis tendon, with particular reference to total hip replacement
The distribution of nociceptive innervation in the painful hip
Revision of the acetabular component in dysplastic hips previously reconstructed with a shelf autograft
Is greater than 145° of deep knee flexion under weight-bearing conditions safe after total knee arthroplasty?
Simultaneous versus staged bilateral unicompartmental knee replacement
Early revisions of the Femoro-Patella Vialla joint replacement
Incidence of graft rupture 15 years after bilateral anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions
Additional surgical factors affecting the recurrence of hallux valgus after Ludloff osteotomy
A comparison of the rates of union after cancellous iliac crest bone graft and Kirschner-wire fixation in the treatment of stable and unstable scaphoid nonunion
A prospective study comparing conservative with operative treatment in patients with a ‘floating shoulder’ including assessment of the prognostic value of the glenopolar angle
Shoulder fusion after a self-inflicted gunshot wound
Inadequate ‘three-point’ proximal fixation predicts failure of the Gamma nail
Short duration of antibiotic prophylaxis in open fractures does not enhance risk of subsequent infection
Giant cell tumours of the small bones of the hands and feet
Current screening recommendations for developmental dysplasia of the hip may lead to an increase in open reduction
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis associated with vitamin D deficiency
Controlled longitudinal bone growth by temporary tension band plating
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