Femoroacetabular impingement : NOT JUST A SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE
The current status of bracing for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
The recovery position for posterior surgery of the ankle and hindfoot
Differences in the locations and modes of labral tearing between dysplastic hips and those with femoroacetabular impingement
Functional acetabular component position with supine total hip replacement
Metal ion levels from well-functioning Birmingham Hip Resurfacings decline significantly at ten years
Proximal tibial strain in medial unicompartmental knee replacements A BIOMECHANICAL STUDY OF IMPLANT DESIGN
Unicompartmental knee replacement after high tibial osteotomy : INVALIDATING A CONTRAINDICATION
Restoring the anatomical tibial slope and limb axis may maximise post-operative flexion in posterior-stabilised total knee replacements
Patient satisfaction with total knee replacement cannot be predicted from pre-operative variables alone : A COHORT STUDY FROM THE NATIONAL JOINT REGISTRY FOR ENGLAND AND WALES
The outcome of the Mobility total ankle replacement at a mean of four years : CAN POOR OUTCOMES BE PREDICTED FROM PRE- AND POST-OPERATIVE ANALYSIS?
Use of the radial groove view intra-operatively to prevent damage to the extensor pollicis longus tendon by protruding screws during volar plating of a distal radial fracture
Three-dimensional assessment of the dimensions of the osteoarthritic glenoid
Three-dimensional assessment of the dimensions of the osteoarthritic glenoid
The effect of excision of the radial head and metallic radial head replacement on the tension in the interosseous membrane
Neurological deterioration due to missed thoracic spinal stenosis after decompressive lumbar surgery : A REPORT OF SIX CASES OF TANDEM THORACIC AND LUMBAR SPINAL STENOSIS
Total spondylectomy following carbon ion radiotherapy to treat chordoma of the mobile spine
The imaging and classification of severe pelvic ring fractures : EXPERIENCES FROM TWO LEVEL 1 TRAUMA CENTRES
Internal fixation of intracapsular fractures of the hip using a dynamic locking plate : TWO-YEAR FOLLOW-UP OF 320 PATIENTS
A laboratory investigation to assess the influence of cement augmentation of screw and plate fixation in a simulation of distal femoral fracture of osteoporotic and nonosteoporotic bone
Pelvic reconstruction with compound osteosynthesis following hemipelvectomy : A CLINICAL STUDY
Can computer navigation-assisted surgery reduce the risk of an intralesional margin and reduce the rate of local recurrence in patients with a tumour of the pelvis or sacrum?
Endoprosthetic replacement after extraarticular resection of bone and soft-tissue tumours around the knee
Surgical correction of a rotational deformity of the shoulder in patients with obstetric brachial plexus palsy : SHORT-TERM RESULTS IN 270 PATIENTS
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