Calcitonin Receptor Binding Properties in Bone and Kidney of the Chicken During the Oviposition Cycle

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The binding property of calcitonin(CT) in the membrane fraction of calvaria and kidney of egg-laying and nonlaying hens was analyzed using a [125I]CT binding assay system. Binding properties of CT receptors in both tissues satisfy the authentic criteria of a receptor-ligand interaction in terms of specificity, reversibility, and saturation. Scatchard plots revealed a single class of binding sites. Values of the equilibrium dissociation constant (Kd) and binding capacity (Bmax) in laying hens showed a decrease during the period between 3 h before and 2 h after oviposition. No change was observed in nonlaying hens. In vivo administration of 17β-estradiol or progesterone caused the decrease in Kd andBmax values. The results suggest that the binding affinity and capacity of the CT receptor in the calvaria and the kidney of the hen may be modulated by the ovarian steroid hormone.

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