CD8+ cell depletion of donor lymphocyte infusions using cd8 monoclonal antibody-coated high-density microparticles (CD8-HDM) after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: a pilot study

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A CD8 murine monoclonal antibody-coated high-density microparticle (HDM) has been developed, which allows for the rapid depletion of CD8+ T cells from apheresis products by gravity sedimentation. We conducted a study to determine the efficacy and safety of CD8 depletion of donor lymphocyte infusions (DLI) to treat relapse after stem cell transplantation using the Eligix CD8-HDM Cell Separation System. Patients were targeted to receive 3 × 107 CD4+ T cells/kg. Nine patients were enrolled, three with CML, three myeloma, two CLL, and one NHL. A median of 1 × 1010 mononuclear cells were obtained by apheresis and processed. The median depletion of CD8+ cells was 99.3% (97.8−>99.5%). CD8 depletion was highly specific, with a median recovery of CD4+ cells of 75%. A median of 2.9 × 107 CD4+ cells/kg was infused. No infusional toxicity was noted. All CML patients achieved a complete molecular remission. A CLL patient demonstrated a complete response. One patient developed GVHD (grade II acute GVHD and subsequently chronic GVHD). The CD8-HDM Cell Separation System appears to be highly selective and effective in depleting CD8+ T cells from DLI apheresis products, and CD8-depleted DLI is capable of mediating a graft-versus-leukemia effect while minimizing GVHD.

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