Special Issue on Affective Neuroscience: Introductory remarks
At the interface of the affective, behavioral, and cognitive neurosciences: Decoding the emotional feelings of the brain
Demythologizing the emotions: Adaptation, cognition, and visceral representations of emotion in the nervous system
Neuroanatomy of the human affective system
Development of frontal electroencephalogram (EEG) and heart rate (ECG) responses to affective musical stimuli during the first 12 months of post-natal life
Individual differences in children's performance during an emotional Stroop task: A behavioral and electrophysiological study
Facial expressions of emotion: A cognitive neuroscience perspective
Dissociable neural systems for recognizing emotions
Cerebral blood flow and anxiety in older men: An analysis of resting anterior asymmetry and prefrontal regions
Central and autonomic nervous system integration in emotion
Heart rate and respiration in reptiles: Contrasts between a sit-and-wait predator and an intensive forager
Modeling ADHD-type arousal with unilateral frontal cortex damage in rats and beneficial effects of play therapy
Pleasures of the brain
Seven sins in the study of emotion: Correctives from affective neuroscience