Unbundling the cerebellum: Dysmetria of thought and the universal cerebellar transform
Cerebellar contributions to speech and language processing: Clinical and functional imaging data
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The origins of the medieval localization of mental faculties in the ventricles
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On the matter of Lord Byron's brain: An episode in the study of brain size and mind,
Plenary session: The role of emotion in decision-making and cognitive control
Preliminary evidence that infants aren’t special: A leftward holding bias observed for imagined kittens,
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Preliminary standardization of the Montreal cognitive estimation test
Motor learning with older and Parkinson's disease subjects
Persistent concussion symptoms after mild head injury: Expectations as etiology
Assessment of cognitive slowing and error monitoring in healthy older subjects on a computerized maze learning task, Mathieu Boulangera
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The effects of right hemisphere stroke on discourse comprehension: Some initial findings
Text comprehension assessment with a test designed for mild aphasic patients
Sentence processing in learning disabled adolescents: The effect of verb transitivity preference
Collateral sulcal pattern in Alzheimer's disease
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Basic-level visual similarity and category specificity
Conscious memory retrieval and decision processes revealed by the P300 Theta oscillation during face recognition
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Naming feature centrality: An advantage for living things
Contradictory and inflated category naming deficits in Alzheimer's disease
Effects of chronic stress during the perinatal period on measures of memory and anxiety in the pups
Some neuroimmune attacks on the continuing problem of problems continuing after MHT (mild head trauma)
Evolution, language modalities, and localization: 19th century perspectives
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Theory of mind in normal older and in younger adults
Effect sizes for sex differences on spatial tests, plotted against task difficulty, describe an inverted U-shaped function
Comparative analysis of upper and lower visual field pointing movements
Dimensional structure and visual similarity in prosopagnosia
Evidence for categorical shape perception deficits in Alzheimer's disease
Handedness, footedness, and dichotic-listening scores as predictors of depression
Semantic processing by the right hemisphere in a primed lexical decision task
Picture naming latencies in Parkinson's disease
A test of the role of depression in side of infant holding: A community sample of mothers with their own infants
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Effects of chronic non-clinical depression on the use of positive and negative words in language contexts
Behavioral dysexecutive symptoms in normal aging
Using event-related potentials to examine hemispheric differences in semantic processing
The processing of pseudohomophones by adults with a history of developmental language disabilities
Evening and morning EEG differences between young men and women adults
Development of handedness: Comparison of questionnaire and performance-based measures of preference
Impact of right hemispheric damage on a hierarchy of complexity evidenced in young normal subjects
Selective attention, inhibition for repeated events and hemispheric specialization
Correlation between evening and morning waking EEG and spatial orientation
Word associations in deep dyslexia
Visuospatial processing and the right-hemisphere interpreter
Discourse about discourse: What is it and how does it progress in Alzheimer's disease?
The time course of attentional focusing in dyslexic and normally reading children
Acquired stuttering following right frontal and bilateral pontine lesion: A case study
Modulation of tremor amplitude during deep brain stimulation at different frequencies
Hemispheric lateralization of the EEG during wakefulness and REM sleep in young healthy adults
Updating and inhibition processes in working memory: A comparison between Alzheimer's type dementia and frontal lobe focal damage
Semantic access processing in a supra-modal deficit: A single case study
Real versus facsimile reinforcers on the Iowa Gambling Task
Naming difficulties in adolescents with dyslexia: Application of the tip-of-the-tongue paradigm
Temporal discrimination in the split brain
Syntactic frame and verb bias in aphasia: Plausibility judgments of undergoer-subject sentences
Basic-level visual similarity and category specificity
The influence of surface and edge-based visual similarity on object recognition
Preservation of autobiographical memory in a case of pure progressive amnesia
An investigation of hemisphere differences for moderately imageable words across high and low image contexts
A cross-linguistic data bank for oral picture naming in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish (PEDOI)
Trunk- and head-centred spatial coordinates do not affect free-viewing perceptual asymmetries
Dyslexia: The articulatory hypothesis revisited
Productivity of lexical categories in French-speaking children with cochlear implants
Modality-specific effects in inhibitory mechanisms: The interaction of peripheral and central components in working memory
Syntactic mediation is not obligatory during lexical access: Evidence from a single-case study of Welsh Aphasia
Attentional deployment in visual half-field tasks: The effect of cue position on word naming latency
Hemispheric specialization for spatial frequency processing in the analysis of natural scenes
Mediated priming in the cerebral hemispheres
The interaction between phonological processing, syntactic awareness, and naming speed in the reading and spelling performance of first-grade children
Brain activation and the phonological loop: The impact of rehearsal
Males and females scan maps similarly, but give directions differently
Dissociating the performance of cortical and subcortical patients on phonemic tasks
Visual but not spatial working memory deficit in children with spina bifida
Hand differences in pegboard performance through development
Neural correlates of dual task interference in rapid visual streams: An fMRI study
Right-hemispheric dominance for processing extended non-linguistic frequency transitions
Semantic processing of words, cognitive resources and N400: An event-related potentials study
Neural substrates of impaired categorical perception of phonemes in adult dyslexics: An fMRI study
Laterality and pattern persistence in bistable motion perception
Seeing double: The role of meaning in alphanumeric-colour synaesthesia
Sex differences in the effect of articulatory or spatial dual-task interference during navigation
Depression, attention, and time estimation
Impact of executive dysfunctions on episodic memory abilities in patients with ruptured aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery
Diagnosis and rehabilitation attempt of a patient with acquired deep dyslexia
Synaesthetic photisms guide attention
Analysis of normal discourse patterns
Hemispheric asymmetries for gap detection depend on noise type
Selective deficit of motor imagery as tapped by a left–right decision of visually presented hands
Female advantage for spatial location memory in both static and dynamic environments
Language following functional left hemispherectomy in a bilingual teenager
Direct versus indirect emotional consequences on the Iowa Gambling Task
Cross-modal correlation of auditory and visual language laterality tasks: A serendipitous finding
Using computational neuroscience to investigate the neural correlates of cognitive-affective integration during covert decision making
Patterns of limb apraxia in primary progressive aphasia
Influence of education on the benton visual retention test performance as mediated by a strategic search component
Apraxia is not associated to a disproportionate naming impairment for manipulable objects
Inflated and contradictory category naming deficits in Alzheimer's disease?