Flexible and abstract resolutions to crossmodal conflicts
An ERP index of task relevance evaluation of visual stimuli
Resting RSA is associated with natural and self-regulated responses to negative emotional stimuli
Variability in fundamental frequency during speech in prodromal and incipient Parkinson's disease: A longitudinal case study
Voice acoustical measurement of the severity of major depression
Impaired pitch production and preserved rhythm production in a right brain-damaged patient with amusia
Planning and realization of complex intentions in traumatic brain injury and normal aging
Stimulus-dominance effects and lateral asymmetries for language in normal subjects and in patients with a single functional hemisphere
“I could see, and yet, mon, I could na' see”: William Macewen, the agnosias, and brain surgery
Narrative comprehension and retelling abilities of children with nonverbal learning disabilities
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Semantic memory declines at the same rate as episodic memory in early Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment,
Vowel acquisition by prelingually deaf children with cochlear implants,
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Neural substrates involved in executing, observing, and imagining actions,
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Right focusing deficit in dyslexic children,
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Is light in pictures presumed to come from the left?
Objects look different sizes in the right and left eyes,
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