The effect of 30% oxygen on visuospatial performance and brain activation: An fMRI study
Working memory, inhibition, and fluid intelligence as predictors of performance on Tower of Hanoi and London tasks ☆
Differences in the transmission of sensory input into motor output between introverts and extraverts: Behavioral and psychophysiological analyses
The long-term effects of mild head injury on short-term memory for visual form, spatial location, and their conjunction in well-functioning university students
Increased interhemispheric interaction is associated with decreased false memories in a verbal converging semantic associates paradigm
Inconsistency in serial choice decision and motor reaction times dissociate in younger and older adults ☆
Endogenous task shift processes in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
Sex differences in spatial ability: A lateralization of function approach ☆
Size of the neocerebellar vermis is associated with cognition in healthy elderly men
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