Menstrual cycle effects on perceptual closure mediate changes in performance on a fragmented objects test of implicit memory
Role of the visuomotor system in on-line attenuation of a premovement illusory bias in grip aperture
Attentional blink differences between adolescent dyslexic and normal readers ☆
Influence of education on the pattern of cognitive deterioration in AD patients: The cognitive reserve hypothesis
Focused attention deficits in patients with Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment
An fMRI study on conceptual, grammatical, and morpho-phonological processing
Tachistoscopic treatment of dyslexia changes the distribution of visual-spatial attention
The performance of left-handed participants on a preferential reaching test
Functional localization and double dissociations: The relationship between internal structure and behavior
The coarse-to-fine hypothesis revisited: Evidence from neuro-computational modeling
The relationship between active hand and ear advantage in the native and foreign language
Taking the high road on subcortical transfer
Probability matching in the right hemisphere
The influence of semantic and morphological complexity of verbs on sentence recall: Implications for the nature of conceptual representation and category-specific deficits ☆
Impaired performance of right-brain-damaged patients on a sentence anagram task ☆
Sex differences and the factor of time in solving Vandenberg and Kuse mental rotation problems
Monitoring processes and metamemory experience in patients with dysexecutive syndrome ☆
Influence of auditory-verbal, visual-verbal, visual, and visual-visual processing speed on reading and spelling at the end of Grade 1
Inference vs control sentences: Are readers able to detect our intended differences?
Verbal mediation and memory for novel figural designs: a dual interference study ☆
An examination of the right-hemisphere hypothesis of the lateralization of emotion
Processing of basic speech acts following localized brain damage: A new light on the neuroanatomy of language
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