Neuropsychology of timing and time perception
Chronic treatment with haloperidol induces deficits in working memory and feedback effects of interval timing
The effects of aging on time reproduction in delayed free-recall ☆
Effects of internal clock and memory disorders on duration reproductions and duration productions in patients with Parkinson's disease ☆
Variable foreperiod deficits in Parkinson's disease: Dissociation across reflexive and voluntary behaviors
Effects of focal basal ganglia lesions on timing and force control
Multidimensional sequence learning in patients with focal basal ganglia lesions
Comparison of patients with Parkinson's disease or cerebellar lesions in the production of periodic movements involving event-based or emergent timing
Eyeblink conditioning deficits indicate timing and cerebellar abnormalities in schizophrenia ☆
Interval-timing deficits in individuals at high risk for schizophrenia ☆
Auditory/visual duration bisection in patients with left or right medial-temporal lobe resection
About hemispheric differences in the processing of temporal intervals ☆
Auditory discrimination of anisochrony: Influence of the tempo and musical backgrounds of listeners
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