Visual line bisection in sinistrals and dextrals as a function of hemispace, hand, and scan direction
The relationships between television viewing in midlife and the development of Alzheimer's disease in a case-control study
The neural correlates of driving performance identified using positron emission tomography
Perceived reachability in hemispace
Apolipoprotein ε4 is associated with more rapid decline in odor identification than in odor threshold or Dementia Rating Scale scores
Interhemispheric resource sharing: Decreasing benefits with increasing processing efficiency
Emotion recognition in stroke patients with left and right hemispheric lesion: Results with a new instrument—the FEEL Test
Evaluating feature-category relations using semantic fluency tasks
Do visual processing deficits cause problem on response time task for dyslexics?
Smooth pursuit eye movements are associated with phonological awareness in preschool children
Atypical lateralization of memory for location: Effects of deafness and sign language use
In search of “master mindreaders”: Are psychics superior in reading the language of the eyes?
Erratum to “Efficiency of orientation channels in the striate cortex for distributed categorization process” [ Brain and Cognition 55 (2004) 352-354],
Improving generalisation skills in a neural network on the basis of neurophysiological data
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