Sources of errors on visuoperceptual tasks: Role of education, literacy, and search strategy
A new method of administering the Grooved Pegboard Test: Performance as a function of handedness and sex
A simple method to dissociate sensory-attentional and motor-intentional biases in unilateral visual neglect
“The W and M are mixing me up”: Use of a visual code in verbal short-term memory tasks
Time ordering in frontal lobe patients: A stochastic model approach
Dorsal stream deficits suggest hidden dyslexia among deaf poor readers: Correlated evidence from reduced perceptual speed and elevated coherent motion detection thresholds ☆
Sex differences in a human analogue of the Radial Arm Maze: The “17-Box Maze Test”
The effects of focal and global attentional systems on spatial biases ☆
Hemispheric specialization and recognition memory for abstract and realistic pictures: A comparison of painters and laymen
Perceptual asymmetries are preserved in memory for highly familiar faces of self and friend
Erratum to “Dyslexia: The articulatory hypothesis revisited” [ Brain and Cognition 53 (2003) 253-256],
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