The visual basis of category effects in object identification: Evidence from the visual hemifield paradigm
How positive affect modulates cognitive control: The costs and benefits of reduced maintenance capability
Parameterization of movement execution in children with developmental coordination disorder
Behavioral and physiological findings of gender differences in global-local visual processing
Prehension movements in a patient (AC) with posterior parietal cortex damage and posterior callosal section
Color makes a difference: Two-dimensional object naming in literate and illiterate subjects
Reading disability and hemispheric interaction on a lexical decision task
Latencies of stimulus-driven eye movements are shorter in dyslexic subjects
Event-related potentials in adolescents with combined ADHD and CD disorder: A single stimulus paradigm
Effects of sleep deprivation on Color-Word, Emotional, and Specific Stroop interference and on self-reported anxiety
Which factors affect hand selection in children's grasping in hemispace? Combined effects of task demand and motor dominance
Some decks are better than others: The effect of reinforcer type and task instructions on learning in the Iowa Gambling Task
Erratum to the introduction to the special issue “Neuropsychology of timing and time perception” [ Brain and Cognition 58 (2005) 1-8],
Erratum to “Auditory/visual duration bisection in patients with left or right medial-temporal lobe resection” [ Brain and Cognition 58 (2005) 119-124],
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