Special issue on methods and learning in functional MRI: Introductory remarks
Study design in fMRI: Basic principles
Prototype-distortion category learning: A two-phase learning process across a distributed network
Event-related fMRI of category learning: Differences in classification and feedback networks
Anterior medial temporal lobe activation during encoding of words: FMRI methods to optimize sensitivity
Using perfusion fMRI to measure continuous changes in neural activity with learning
Cognitive neuroimaging: Cognitive science out of the armchair
Anxiety and sensitivity to eye gaze in emotional faces
Cultural and environmental pressure against left-hand preference in urban and semi-urban Malawi
Attention deficit in multiple sclerosis: An electrophysiological investigation using Posner's paradigm
On the neural bases of writing: Inferences from lesion data
What type of auditory transience is most effective in triggering an attention switch?
Effect of neurofeedback on lateralized attention networks in learningdisabled young adults
Associations between clinical dimensions and neurocognitive impairments in schizophrenia
Impact of the decline of attentional processes on the treatment of road sign information among elderly drivers
Adolescent-onset psychosis: Specific attentional deficits of selectivity and flexibility?
Semantic representation and visual–gestural analysis in the imitation of hand gestures
Language lateralization as a function of handedness
Memory and language in bilingual Alzheimer and Parkinson patients: Insights from verb inflection
Understanding attention failures in everyday life
Conditions influencing traditional ear-advantage scores obtained on dichoticlistening tasks
Active versus passive proprioceptive straight-ahead pointing in left neglect patients
Production of tonal contrasts in Punjabi by brain damaged subjects
Dichotic listening in children after hemispherectomy: Comparing the power of two tests
An investigation of the pantomime and imitation performance of transitive and intransitive gestures in stroke patients
Episodic memory in adolescents hospitalized for an acute first episode of psychosis
The building blocks of auditory perception in Williams syndrome
The role of anterior temporal lobe in the recognition of famous faces, animals, and objects
The effects of bilateral presentations on lateralized lexical decision
Blind subjects are as good as sighted ones on a topographical orientation task
Do negative faces automatically capture attention?
The role of age of seizure onset on executive function in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
Longitudinal changes in callosal morphology with disease progression in mild cognitive impairment
Modeling of infants' acquisition of tones in Mandarin using a non-supervised neural network
Short-term memory impairment and testosterone: New evidence from thalassemic subjects
From upright to upside-down presentation: An ERP study of the parametric effect of rotation on face and object processing
Temporal patterns of processing vowel and talker information: An electrophysiological study
ERP comparison of picture and word processing in a reality decision task
Impact of priming and category on picture and word processing in a reality decision task
Auditory processing and auditory plasticity: A case study
Effect of aging and left unilateral spatial neglect on selective attention
Cohort differences in cognitive performance among community-dwelling elderly subjects: Results from the PAQUID study
The role of visual context in pointing to a remembered target
Intra- and inter-hemispheric EEG coherence in high-functioning autistic spectrum disorders
The role of awareness and working memory in human transitive inference
Left parallel, right sequential? Inferring hemispheric language processing strategy from an analysis of errors
Tactile information in gesture performance in patients with right hemisphere stroke
Unique involvement of the right homologue of Wernicke's area in processing novel metaphorical expressions: Application of principal components analysis to fMRI data
Examining the influence of clinical depression on lateralized processing of affective pictures
Right hemisphere and the metaphoric meaning of words: A stronger sensitivity
Speech perception in children with cochlear implants
Emotion vs. language processing across the hemispheres: Apathy as an emotional and semantic construct
Metaphor comprehension abilities in Parkinson's disease patients
Free-viewing perceptual asymmetries for vertical and horizontal stimuli: The effect of body and environment-centred coordinates
A comparative study of associative and semantic priming substrates
About the explanations of deficits in Broca's aphasia
Effects of luminance contrast on hemispheric processing of spatial frequency
Word retrieval and phonological awareness in adolescents with dyslexia
Frequency and hemispheric asymmetry in the disambiguation of homophonic and heterophonic homographs in Hebrew
Attention and movement selection in Huntington's disease
Recall of symmetrical visuo-spatial patterns: The effect of concurrent interference
CANTAB explicit memory is less impaired in addicted schizophrenia patients
Evidence for visuomotor deficits in developmental dyslexia: Application of the double-step paradigm
Similarities and differences in the language profile of children with pragmatic language impairment and children with autism
Rightward biases in free-viewing visual bisection tasks: Effects of handedness
The glue that binds: The role of meaning in the persistence of shape from motion
Dynamic fMRI activation changes during response inhibition
Attentional and executive profiles of children with ADHD-Inattentive type
Combining phonological and audio–visual training in dyslexic children: A brain event-related potential study
Relation between mental rotation task performance, solution strategies, and experiential variables in two Japanese and one Canadian sample
Prosody perception in Alzheimer's disease
Word frequency effects in dichotic listening
Expression of verbal and nonverbal memory performances in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome and chronic tic disorder
Dynamic networks of healthy and pathological memory formation
Neuroanatomical correlates of body-part knowledge: A lesion study
Validation of an fMRI protocol for language investigation in epileptic patients
Categorical information and exemplar information differentially influence object identification
The relationship of working memory and social cognition in children
Is there privileged access to semantics for mirror-neuron related verbs?
Impact of vascular risk factors on cognition in Parkinson's disease
Improvement of communication skills after neurofeedback therapy
Use of offset masking in a divided visual field task
Computational modeling of the development of perceptual expertise
Perceptual expertise is not all or none: Spatially limited expertise in prosopagnosia
Lessons from pure alexia—What clues do they provide on the nature of impaired face perception in prosopagnosia?
What it means to perceive holistically
Individual variability in brain activations
Looking for faces and paying attention to the real world
Cognitive ethology: Giving real life to attention research
What guides visual attention and working memory in natural environments?
Cognitive representations for control of object prehension and use
Knowing what to do: A computational account of routine sequential action
Representing graspable objects: Investigations of “what” and “how” for real and imagined actions
Looking to see: A simple model of active vision for object recognition
Introduction: Efficacy of EEG Biofeedback
Foundations of neurofeedback
Sham control and the validity of neurofeedback
Effect of neurofeedback training on the neural substrates of executive deficits in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study
NF in treatment of ADHD
The many possible futures of neurotherapy: What's done can be undone
A role for REM sleep in offline memory reprocessing
Sleep, memory, and dreams: A neurocognitive approach
Linking sleep stages to memory: How many stages do we need?
Sometimes brain imaging shows the hidden: Offline processes of memory consolidation through the sleep-wake cycle
Forgetting due to retroactive interference: A fuse of Müller and Pilzecker's (1900) early insights into everyday forgetting and recent research on anterograde amnesia
Memory, imagination, and language in eighteenth-century French sensualism
Bilingualism and memory: 19th century representations of polyglot aphasia
The proper custodie of knowledge: Francis Bacon and the art of memory in early modern England
Papers to Appear in Forthcoming Issues