Adolescent brain development: Current themes and future directions : Introduction to the special issue
Mapping gray matter development: Implications for typical development and vulnerability to psychopathology
White matter development during adolescence as shown by diffusion MRI
Growth of white matter in the adolescent brain: Myelin or axon?
The development of gyrification in childhood and adolescence
Sex differences in the adolescent brain
Sleep EEG changes during adolescence: An index of a fundamental brain reorganization
Pubertal development and behavior: Hormonal activation of social and motivational tendencies
Investigations of HPA function and the enduring consequences of stressors in adolescence in animal models
Electrophysiological changes during adolescence: A review
What has fMRI told us about the Development of Cognitive Control through Adolescence?
Motivational systems in adolescence: Possible implications for age differences in substance abuse and other risk-taking behaviors
A time of change: Behavioral and neural correlates of adolescent sensitivity to appetitive and aversive environmental cues
Social brain development and the affective consequences of ostracism in adolescence
Developmental changes in dopamine neurotransmission in adolescence: Behavioral implications and issues in assessment
A behavioral scientist looks at the science of adolescent brain development