Fifty years of dichotic listening research – Still going and going and…
From ear to brain
“Binaural rivalry”: Dichotic listening as a tool for the investigation of the neural correlate of consciousness
Perspectives on dichotic listening and the corpus callosum
Manipulation of voice onset time during dichotic listening
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Sex differences in dichotic listening
Hormones and dichotic listening: Evidence from the study of menstrual cycle effects
Attention and the right-ear advantage: What is the connection?
Attention and cognitive control networks assessed in a dichotic listening fMRI study
Effects of attention on dichotic listening in elderly and patients with dementia of the Alzheimer type
The sad, the angry, and the asymmetrical brain: Dichotic Listening studies of negative affect and depression
Smoking reduces language lateralization: A dichotic listening study with control participants and schizophrenia patients
Interictal and postictal performances on dichotic listening test in children with focal epilepsy
Dichotic listening in children: Age-related changes in direction and magnitude of ear advantage
Use of the dichotic listening technique with learning disabilities
Dichotic listening and otoacoustic emissions: Shared variance between cochlear function and dichotic listening performance in adults with normal hearing