Thoughts for food in cognitive neuroscience: An introduction to the special issue
Functions of the anterior insula in taste, autonomic, and related functions
A core eating network and its modulations underlie diverse eating phenomena
Multivariate representation of food preferences in the human brain
Eating with our eyes: From visual hunger to digital satiation
Does my brain want what my eyes like? – How food liking and choice influence spatio-temporal brain dynamics of food viewing
A bait we cannot avoid: Food-induced motor distractibility
Biased towards food: Electrophysiological evidence for biased attention to food stimuli
Cognitive control modulates attention to food cues: Support for the control readiness model of self-control
An exploration of exercise-induced cognitive enhancement and transfer effects to dietary self-control
Impulsivity toward food reward is related to BMI: Evidence from intertemporal choice in obese and normal-weight individuals
Lexical-semantic deficits in processing food and non-food items