Editorial to the special issue on perspectives on human probabilistic inference and the ‘Bayesian brain'
Explanatory pluralism: An unrewarding prediction error for free energy theorists
Predictive processing simplified: The infotropic machine
Partial information decomposition as a unified approach to the specification of neural goal functions
Cognitive functions of intracellular mechanisms for contextual amplification
The laminar integration of sensory inputs with feedback signals in human cortex
Prediction error minimization: Implications for Embodied Cognition and the Extended Mind Hypothesis
The role of interoceptive inference in theory of mind
A social Bayesian brain: How social knowledge can shape visual perception
Disentangling signal and noise in autism spectrum disorder
To be precise, the details don’t matter: On predictive processing, precision, and level of detail of predictions
A review of predictive coding algorithms
Types of approximation for probabilistic cognition: Sampling and variational