Neurobiology of language: Highlights from the second annual meeting
Effective connectivity hierarchically links temporoparietal and frontal areas of the auditory dorsal stream with the motor cortex lip area during speech perception
Dopamine regulation of human speech and bird song: A critical review
Temporal context in speech processing and attentional stream selection: A behavioral and neural perspective
A sensitive period for language in the visual cortex: Distinct patterns of plasticity in congenitally versus late blind adults
Colateralization of Broca’s area and the visual word form area in left-handers: fMRI evidence
Decomposing animacy reversals between agents and experiencers: An ERP study
The neural basis of syntactic deficits in primary progressive aphasia
Emotional language processing: How mood affects integration processes during discourse comprehension
Neural correlates of written emotion word processing: A review of recent electrophysiological and hemodynamic neuroimaging studies