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More surprises in sarcomeric protein diseases
Genetics of essential tremor
Distal myopathy caused by homozygous missense mutations in the nebulin gene
Zaspopathy in a large classic late-onset distal myopathy family
Scapuloperoneal syndrome type Kaeser and a wide phenotypic spectrum of adult-onset, dominant myopathies are associated with the desmin mutation R350P
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Pathological tau burden and distribution distinguishes progressive supranuclear palsy-parkinsonism from Richardson's syndrome
Hypocretin (orexin) loss in Parkinson's disease
Hypocretin (orexin) cell loss in Parkinson's disease*
Bilateral deep brain stimulation of the pedunculopontine and subthalamic nuclei in severe Parkinson's disease
Kinematic analysis of thalamic versus subthalamic neurostimulation in postural and intention tremor
Moderate hyperglycaemia is associated with favourable outcome in acute lacunar stroke
Normobaric hyperoxia improves cerebral blood flow and oxygenation, and inhibits peri-infarct depolarizations in experimental focal ischaemia
Heme oxygenase-1 exacerbates early brain injury after intracerebral haemorrhage
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The pedunculopontine and peripeduncular nuclei: a tale of two structures
The pedunculopontine and peripeduncular nuclei: a tale of two structures