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Neurological symptoms and natural course of xeroderma pigmentosum
Mutation of FIG4 causes a rapidly progressive, asymmetric neuronal degeneration
Speech perception ability in individuals with Friedreich ataxia
ECoG gamma activity during a language task: differentiating expressive and receptive speech areas
Primary cortical folding in the human newborn: an early marker of later functional development
Different structures involved during ictal and interictal epileptic activity in malformations of cortical development: an EEG-fMRI study
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Depression after status epilepticus: behavioural and biochemical deficits and effects of fluoxetine
Abnormal temporal difference reward-learning signals in major depression
Parkinson's disease and dopaminergic therapy—differential effects on movement, reward and cognition
A multitarget basal ganglia dopaminergic and GABAergic transplantation strategy enhances behavioural recovery in parkinsonian rats
Parthenogenetic dopamine neurons from primate embryonic stem cells restore function in experimental Parkinson's disease
Spatial and temporal deficits are regionally dissociable in patients with pulvinar lesions
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Reorganization of the motor cortex is associated with postural control deficits in recurrent low back pain
Increase in prefrontal cortical volume following cognitive behavioural therapy in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome
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Migraine headache is not associated with cerebral or meningeal vasodilatation—a 3T magnetic resonance angiography study
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Supra- and sub-baseline phosphocreatine recovery in developing brain after transient hypoxia-ischaemia: relation to baseline energetics, insult severity and outcome
Cortical maps and modern phrenology
A few comments on Ravel's disease
A few comments on Ravel's disease
The pulmonary first-pass effect, xenotransplantation and translation to clinical trials—a commentary
The pulmonary first-pass effect, xenotransplantation and translation to clinical trials—a commentary