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Deformation-based morphometry of prospective neurodevelopmental changes in new onset paediatric epilepsy
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Molecular reorganization of endocannabinoid signalling in Alzheimer’s disease
Unawareness of deficits in Alzheimer’s disease
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Mouse models of dominant ACTA1 disease recapitulate human disease and provide insight into therapies
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JAK-STAT3 pathway regulates spinal astrocyte proliferation and neuropathic pain maintenance in rats
Decorin, erythroblastic leukaemia viral oncogene homologue B4 and signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 regulation of semaphorin 3A in central nervous system scar tissue
Class 3 semaphorins influence oligodendrocyte precursor recruitment and remyelination in adult central nervous system
Human neural progenitors from different foetal forebrain regions remyelinate the adult mouse spinal cord
IκB kinase 2 determines oligodendrocyte loss by non-cell-autonomous activation of NF-κB in the central nervous system
Motor pathway injury in patients with periventricular leucomalacia and spastic diplegia
Upper and extra-motoneuron involvement in early motoneuron disease
Electrotherapeutic disputes
OPA1 mutations impair mitochondrial function in both pure and complicated dominant optic atrophy
Interoceptive cortex in the posterior insula
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