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Autonomic failure in CANVAS syndrome
Identification of the SCA21 disease gene
‘Don’t delay, start today’
Genetic characterization of cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease
Task-induced brain activity in aphasic stroke patients
Autonomic dysfunction is a major feature of cerebellar ataxia, neuropathy, vestibular areflexia ‘CANVAS’ syndrome
TMEM240 mutations cause spinocerebellar ataxia 21 with mental retardation and severe cognitive impairment
Cortical thickness in individuals with non-clinical and clinical psychotic symptoms
Sialyllactose ameliorates myopathic phenotypes in symptomatic GNE myopathy model mice
Describing the genetic architecture of epilepsy through heritability analysis
Resilience of developing brain networks to interictal epileptiform discharges is associated with cognitive outcome
Intrathecal somatic hypermutation of IgM in multiple sclerosis and neuroinflammation
Encoding of sequence boundaries in the subthalamic nucleus of patients with Parkinson’s disease
The modern pre-levodopa era of Parkinson’s disease
Genetic impact on cognition and brain function in newly diagnosed Parkinson’s disease
Stimulation of the pedunculopontine nucleus area in Parkinson’s disease
Probabilistic map of critical functional regions of the human cerebral cortex
The evolution of primary progressive apraxia of speech
Neural bases of imitation and pantomime in acute stroke patients
Domain-specific impairment in metacognitive accuracy following anterior prefrontal lesions
Lesion mapping of social problem solving
Neuronal uptake of tau/pS422 antibody and reduced progression of tau pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer‘s disease
Sleep is related to neuron numbers in the ventrolateral preoptic/intermediate nucleus in older adults with and without Alzheimer’s disease
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The tardy development of UK neurology
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