Variability in perisylvian brain anatomy in healthy adults

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Gray matter volumes of Heschl’s gyrus (HG), planum temporale (PT), pars triangularis (PTR), and pars opercularis were measured on MRI in 48 healthy right-handers. There was the expected leftward PT asymmetry in 70.8%, and leftward PTR asymmetry in 64.6% of the sample. When asymmetry patterns within individuals were examined, there was not one typical pattern, rather several typical configurations were found. In addition, some combinations of asymmetry did not exist in our sample suggesting that some perisylvian anatomical configurations may provide a more suitable neural substrate for the development of language than others. There were also sex differences in HG. Men had rightward asymmetry and women demonstrated leftward asymmetry, due to women having smaller right HG, compared to men.

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