Polyamine profiles in tumor, normal tissue of the homologous breast, blood, and urine of breast cancer sufferers
T cell suppression as a mechanism for tolerance to MUC1 antigen in MUC1 transgenic mice
Cellular responses of mammary carcinomas to aromatase inhibitors: Effects of vorozole*
Anti-tumor immunity induced by Interleukin-12 gene therapy in a metastatic model of breast cancer is mediated by natural killer cells
Microsatellite instability markers in breast cancer: A review and study showing MSI was not detected at 'BAT 25' and 'BAT 26' microsatellite markers in early-onset breast cancer
RT-PCR amplification of CK19 mRNA in the blood of breast cancer patients: correlation with established prognostic parameters
β-adrenoceptor signaling and its control of cell replication in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells
Eye problems in breast cancer patients treated with tamoxifen
Analysis of cathepsin D in human breast cancer: Usefulness of the processed 31kDa active form of the enzyme as a prognostic indicator in node-negative and node-positive patients
EORTC 10941: A phase II study of liarozole in postmenopausal patients with 'Chemotherapy-Resistant' or 'Potentially Hormone Sensitive' metastatic breast cancer