Biomedical and psychosocial determinants of psychiatric morbidity among postoperative ambulatory breast cancer patients
Angiogenesis and blood vessel invasion as prognostic indicators for node-negative breast cancer
Premenopausal status accelerates relapse in node positive breast cancer: hypothesis links angiogenesis, screening controversy
Genetic alterations of the p14ARF-hdm2-p53 regulatory pathway in breast carcinoma
Health system costs of metastatic breast cancer
Relationship of estrogen and progesterone receptor protein levels in carcinomatous and adjacent non-neoplastic epithelium of the breast: A histopathologic and image cytometric study
Three-dimensional helical CT of the breast: Accuracy for measuring extent of breast cancer candidates for breast conserving surgery
Letter to the editor
Revised Abstract 7, 23rd annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium