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Ki67 after 2 weeks endocrine treatment predicts relapse-free survival (RFS) in the IMPACT trial
Trastuzumab sensitivity of breast cancer with co-amplification of HER2 and cMYC suggests pro-apoptotic function of dysregulated cMYC in vivo
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Phase III study of doxorubicin-cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxel or docetaxel given every 3 weeks or weekly in patients with axillary node-positive or high-risk node-negative breast cancer: results of North American Breast Cancer Intergroup Trial E1199
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Shc proteins in primary breast tumors predict outcome in treatment naïve, tamoxifen-treated and chemotherapy-treated patients
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Validity of DNA-methylation marker PITX2 to predict risk of recurrence in lymph node-negative hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients: a transfer study
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Using AQUA™ and tissue microarrays for discovery of a minimal set of multiplexed markers to subclassify breast cancer
Expression of leptin and leptin receptor in breast cancer are associated with aggressive histology, distant recurrence and survival
The SNP309 HDM2 polymorphism is associated with chemoresistance and poor survival in breast cancers harboring mutations in the TP53 gene
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Long term culture of MCF-7 breast cancer cells with small interfering RNA to the insulin-like growth factor receptor causes decreased cell proliferation
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Bone turnover by osteocalcin and risks of breast cancer and fracture: a prospective study
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