A synthetic uracil derivative with antitumor activity through decreasing cyclin D1 and Cdk1, and increasing p21 and p27 in MCF-7 cells
JNK pathway regulates estradiol-induced apoptosis in hormone-dependent human breast cancer cells
Type of TP53 mutation and ERBB2 amplification affects survival in node-negative breast cancer
BRCA1 genetic testing in 106 breast and ovarian cancer families from southern Italy (Sicily)
Dendritic cells fused with allogeneic breast cancer cell line induce tumor antigen-specific CTL responses against autologous breast cancer cells
N-cadherin engagement provides a dominant stop signal for the migration of MDA-MB-468 breast carcinoma cells
Inhibition of histone deacetylase enhances the anti-proliferative action of antiestrogens on breast cancer cells and blocks tamoxifen-induced proliferation of uterine cells
The T393C polymorphism in the gene GNAS1 of G protein is associated with survival of patients with invasive breast carcinoma
Dasatinib, an orally active small molecule inhibitor of both the src and abl kinases, selectively inhibits growth of basal-type/“triple-negative” breast cancer cell lines growing in vitro
ESR1, AR, body size, and breast cancer risk in Hispanic and non-Hispanic white women living in the Southwestern United States
Serum prolactin levels are positively associated with mammographic density in postmenopausal women
Survival after bilateral breast cancer
Leukemia following breast cancer
Impact of a programme of mass mammography screening for breast cancer on socio-economic variation in survival
Mutation analysis of five candidate genes in familial breast cancer