Current Opinion on the Oncoplastic Approach in the USA

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▪ Abstract:

The management of women with breast cancer who wish to preserve their breasts often includes partial reconstruction at the time of tumor resection. This is referred to as the oncoplastic approach and has been shown to improve outcomes. The purpose of this review was to better understand the current surgeon mindset relative to the oncoplastic approach. A survey was designed to understand demographics and opinions on partial breast reconstruction at the time of tumor resection. This was disseminated to the registered members of the American Society of Breast Surgeons as well the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) through an online system and comparisons were made. There were 422 responders in the ABS and 214 responders in the ASPS for a response rate of 14.8% and 9.1%, respectively. Most (69.7%) breast surgeons felt that partial breast reconstruction following lumpectomy was not limited in their practice. Fifty percent of plastic surgeons felt that it was limited because they were not getting the referrals. Both groups agreed that complex partial reconstructions were best performed using the team approach. Margin involvement was a major concern in both groups, and the groups agreed that the aesthetic benefits were a major driving force. Future adoption of these techniques will rely on increased training and increased awareness of these procedures. There tends to be general agreement surrounding the concerns and benefits of immediately reconstructing the partial mastectomy defect. Disparity does exist between the two groups in terms of delivery likely due to the system-based inadequacies in the USA. This represents an area for improvement. ▪

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