Current Progress in Bioinformatics 2016
A survey of current trends in computational drug repositioning
The detection and characterization of pleiotropy
Crowdsourcing in biomedicine
Recent Advances and Emerging Applications in Text and Data Mining for Biomedical Discovery
Adapting bioinformatics curricula for big data
Robust and exact structural variation detection with paired-end and soft-clipped alignments
Toward a next-generation atlas of RNA secondary structure
Individualized identification of disease-associated pathways with disrupted coordination of gene expression
A comprehensive comparative review of sequence-based predictors of DNA- and RNA-binding residues
Revealing protein–lncRNA interaction
Progress and challenges in predicting protein interfaces
Community challenges in biomedical text mining over 10 years
A primer on precision medicine informatics
Denoising DNA deep sequencing data—high-throughput sequencing errors and their correction
A very simple and fast way to access and validate algorithms in reproducible research