Computational Systems Biomedicine
The RNA world in the 21st century—a systems approach to finding non-coding keys to clinical questions
Gene set analysis approaches for RNA-seq data
Multiscale modelling in immunology
Systems biological approaches to the cardiac signaling network
Untangling the complexity of blood coagulation network
Using prior knowledge from cellular pathways and molecular networks for diagnostic specimen classification
Personalized cancer immunotherapy using Systems Medicine approaches
A literature mining-based approach for identification of cellular pathways associated with chemoresistance in cancer
Dynamics of ubiquitin-mediated signalling
Problems, challenges and promises
Reasoning over genetic variance information in cause-and-effect models of neurodegenerative diseases
Computational analysis of protein interaction networks for infectious diseases
Systems medicine of inflammaging
Bioinformatics tools for the analysis of NMR metabolomics studies focused on the identification of clinically relevant biomarkers