Methodologies and experimental platforms for generating and analysing microarray and mass spectrometry-based omics data to support P4 medicine
Computational modelling of atherosclerosis
Big-data-based edge biomarkers : study on dynamical drug sensitivity and resistance in individuals
MST2-RASSF protein–protein interactions through SARAH domains
Public data and open source tools for multi-assay genomic investigation of disease
Image-based modelling of organogenesis
Dimension reduction techniques for the integrative analysis of multi-omics data
Advances in computational approaches for prioritizing driver mutations and significantly mutated genes in cancer genomes
Comparison of haplotype-based statistical tests for disease association with rare and common variants
Collaborative science in the next-generation sequencing era : a viewpoint on how to combine exome sequencing data across sites to identify novel disease susceptibility genes
The identification and characterization of novel transcripts from RNA-seq data
Algorithms for modeling global and context-specific functional relationship networks
Drug–target interaction prediction : databases, web servers and computational models
Will solid-state drives accelerate your bioinformatics? In-depth profiling, performance analysis and beyond
BATMat : Bioinformatics Autodiscovery of Training Materials
A review of ensemble methods for de novo motif discovery in ChIP-Seq data