A survey of tools for analysing DNA fingerprints
Surveying and benchmarking techniques to analyse DNA gel fingerprint images
Statistical methods for detecting differentially methylated regions based on MethylCap-seq data
Evaluation of preprocessing, mapping and postprocessing algorithms for analyzing whole genome bisulfite sequencing data
A comprehensive comparison of tools for differential ChIP-seq analysis
Progress and challenges in bioinformatics approaches for enhancer identification
In the loop
Systematic dissection of dysregulated transcription factor–miRNA feed-forward loops across tumor types
Multiple sequence alignment modeling
A proteogenomic approach to understand splice isoform functions through sequence and expression-based computational modeling
Analysis of sequencing data for probing RNA secondary structures and protein–RNA binding in studying posttranscriptional regulations
A network medicine approach to build a comprehensive atlas for the prognosis of human cancer
Towards improved genome-scale metabolic network reconstructions
Updates on drug–target network; facilitating polypharmacology and data integration by growth of DrugBank database