Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in a changing world
Paediatric prescribing: using unlicensed drugs and medicines outside their licensed indications
Target concentration intervention: beyond Y2K
Status of new medicines approved by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency regarding paediatric use
Transaminase elevation on placebo during Phase I trials: prevalence and significance
The prevalence and incidence of medical conditions in healthy pharmaceutical company employees who volunteer to participate in medical research
Netilmicin pharmacokinetics in Hong Kong Chinese cancer patients
Morphine and morphine-6-glucuronide in the plasma and cerebrospinal fluid of children
Population pharmacokinetics of methadone in opiate users: characterization of time-dependent changes
The nasal airways response in normal subjects to oxymetazoline spray: randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial
Comparison of antiplatelet activity of microencapsulated aspirin 162.5 mg (Caspac XL), with enteric coated aspirin 75 mg and 150 mg in patients with atherosclerosis
Prediction of the international normalized ratio and maintenance dose during the initiation of warfarin therapy
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characterization of OROS® and immediate-release amitriptyline
Photoinduced covalent binding of frusemide and frusemide glucuronide to human serum albumin
Zolpidem metabolism in vitro: responsible cytochromes, chemical inhibitors, and in vivo correlations
Comparison of the vasorelaxant effect of nitroprusside and nitroglycerin in the human radial artery in vitro
Drug-induced hyponatraemia in elderly patients
Phase II trials in drug development