Biomarkers and surrogate endpoints
Biomarkers for the effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) in healthy subjects
Laser Doppler imager (LDI) scanner and intradermal injection for in vivo pharmacology in human skin microcirculation : responses to acetylcholine, endothelin-1 and their repeatability
Spironolactone reduces brachial pulse wave velocity and PIIINP levels in hypertensive diabetic patients
Ventilatory responses of healthy subjects to intravenous combinations of morphine and oxycodone under imposed hypercapnic and hypoxaemic conditions
Influence of activated charcoal on the pharmacokinetics of moxifloxacin following intravenous and oral administration of a 400 mg single dose to healthy males
Determination of the bioavailability of gentamicin to the lungs following inhalation from two jet nebulizers
Influence of acute upper respiratory tract infection on the absorption of inhaled insulin using the AERx® insulin Diabetes Management System
Chlorpropamide 2-hydroxylation is catalysed by CYP2C9 and CYP2C19 in vitro : chlorpropamide disposition is influenced by CYP2C9, but not by CYP2C19 genetic polymorphism
Persistence and determinants of statin therapy among middle-aged patients for primary and secondary prevention
Khat chewing is a risk factor for acute myocardial infarction : a case-control study
Is INR between 2.0 and 3.0 the optimal level for Chinese patients on warfarin therapy for moderate-intensity anticoagulation?
Ocular side-effects of tolterodine and oxybutynin, a single-blind prospective randomized trial
Pharmacokinetic interaction on valproic acid and recurrence of epileptic seizures during chemotherapy in an epileptic patient
Lack of effect of moderate hepatic impairment on the pharmacokinetics of oral oseltamivir and its metabolite oseltamivir carboxylate
Fexofenadine pharmacokinetics are associated with a polymorphism of the SLCO1B1 gene (encoding OATP1B1)
Handbook of Analytical Separations, Vol. 5 : Drug Monitoring and Clinical Chemistry
Statins, lack of energy and ubiquinone
Brugada-like ECG abnormalities during thioridazine overdose
The impact of ibuprofen administration on amikacin clearance in preterm infants is independent of the gestational age
Population pharmacokinetics of lopinavir/ritonavir (LPVr) in HIV-1-infected patients
Population pharmacokinetics of orally administered paclitaxel formulated in cremophor EL co-administered with cyclosporin A
In vivo thiopurine S-methyltransferase inhibition by mesalazine during thiopurine therapy
Uptake of Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers in the treatment of hypertension
Self-medication with antibiotics in Europe
Towards a conceptual framework of prescribing quality indicators
Quetiapine overdosage : safe or life-threatening? Pharmacokinetics and clinical parameters
Replacement of multiple daily with once-daily nitrate therapy : an international quality of life assessment of 2675 patients with stable angina pectoris
Patients' satisfaction with acute specific antimigraine drug treatment
Plasma pharmacokinetics of uracil after an oral uracil challenge dose for dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) phenotyping
Population pharmacokinetic modelling of propofol 6% in non-ventilated children after major craniofacial surgery
Annexin A5-scintigraphy of forearm skeletal muscle as a novel tool to study ischemia-reperfusion injury in humans in vivo
Enhanced cellular adenosine uptake limits adenosine receptor stimulation in patients with hyperhomocysteinemia
Effects of Cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2C9 polymorphisms on phenprocoumon anticoagulation status
Cardiovascular drug use in depressive inpatients and the association with gender
Genetic contribution to the acute effects of angiotensin II type 1 receptor blockade
Insufficient lung deposition of salbutamol in mechanically ventilated IC-patients
Pharmacokinetics and tolerability of a novel long acting glucagon-like-peptide-1 analog CJC-1131
Appropriateness of reporting in-hospital adverse drug reactions to general practitioners
Predicting the feasibility of therapeutic drug monitoring of mycophenolate mofetil : a computer simulation
Non-invasive assessment of acute central and peripheral vascular effects of sumatriptan
Generic substitution of antihypertensive drugs and compliance
Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibition reduces proteinuria in non-diabetic proteinuric patients
Influence of preoperative statin therapy on mortality and cardiovascular outcomes within 2 years after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
Acute hepatitis in a 5 year-old Caucasian girl induced by Shou-Wu-Pian, a Chinese herbal preparation
Patients with unstable control have a poorer dietary intake of vitamin K compared with patients with stable control of anticoagulation
Caffeine, stress and tremor
Effect of THC administration in humans : methodology study for further pharmacodynamic studies with cannabinoid agonist or antagonist
The combined oral contraceptive pill is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of asthma in teenage girls
Underuse of anti-thrombotic therapy in chronic atrial fibrillation : a community based quality prescribing indicator study
Evidence for gender differences in the management of stroke in Scotland
Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 and the bioactivation of glyceryl trinitrate in humans
B1 kinin receptor does not mediate vasodilatation or endothelial tissue plasminogen activator release in patients with heart failure
Large artery distensibility assessed by ischaemia induced reactive hyperaemia
Plasma B-type natriuretic peptide is associated with increased central blood pressure and arterial stiffness
Effect of protease inhibitors on LDL receptor and IL-6 expression in lymphocytes and monocytes
Crocus sativus L. in the treatment of mild to moderate depression : a double-blind, randomized and placebo controlled trial
The impact of genetic polymorphisms of drug metabolising enzymes on pharmacological response : an integrated model
Greater reduction in arterial stiffness with low-dose polypill compared with monotherapy in hypertension
Xanthine oxidase activity provides an alternative source of no during ischaemia from inorganic nitrite in rat blood vessels
Pharmacokinetics of darifenacin, an M3 selective receptor antagonist : effects of renal or hepatic impairment
Darifenacin, a muscarinic M3 selective receptor antagonist (M3 SRA) for overactive bladder, does not prolong QT/QTc
A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of allopurinol as adjunctive treatment for acute mania in hospitalized bipolar patients
Thr164Ile b2-adrenoceptor variant : a predictor for heart transplantation?
Paediatric off label prescribing : assessment of the attitudes and experiences of general practitioners
Drug-specific lymphocyte proliferation in an HIV-positive patient with nevirapine hepatitis
Characteristics of selective and non-selective NSAID use in Scotland
Pharmacokinetic study of the transdermal delivery system, TDS©-testosterone in healthy subjects
The effect of repeat dosing of mosapride on plasma aldosterone in healthy Japanese volunteers
The influence of patient age, CYP2C9 genotype and height on warfarin dose requirements
Potential for drug interactions involving cytochrome P450 in patients attending palliative care day centres : a multicentre survey
Investigation of the effect of Chinese herbal medicines on the anticoagulation effect of warfarin using hepatic microsomes in vitro
Frequency of CYP2C9 genotypes among Omani patients receiving warfarin
CYP2C9 polymorphisms and haplotypes : correlation with warfarin dose and metabolism
A community based method to monitor the frequency and nature of paediatric adverse drug reactions
Thiazide diuretic prescribing and hyponatraemia in primary care patients
Polymorphisms of the renin-angiotensin system : association with depressive illness in a Lebanese population
Lack of association between serious carbamazepine hypersensitivity reactions and HLA-B in Caucasians
Regional variations in the use of cardiovascular preventative therapy in those with diabetes
Prescribing patterns for Distalgesic in general practice in Ireland
Endothelin B receptors do not contribute to the regulation of arterial stiffness in vivo
Aspirin and clopidogrel – is there a difference in prescribing for peptic ulcer disease?
Investigation of the forearm vascular effects of inhaled tiotropium
Experience with spironolactone in new onset and resistant hypertension : aldosterone
G-protein β3-subunit gene polymorphism and lymphocyte proliferation in carbamazepine hypersensitivity
Concordance in patients on longterm warfarin therapy using the Medicines Electronic Monotoring System
Congenital anomalies after prenatal ecstasy exposure
Adherence to clinical guidance in the prescribing of anti-coagulant medication in patients with atrial fibrillation
Disposition and metabolism of solifenacin in humans
In vitro studies on the potential of solifenacin for drug-drug-interactions : plasma protein binding and MDR1 transport
Effect of chronic tobacco smoking on arterial stiffness
Pulse wave analysis and the Framingham risk functions for cardiovascular risk assessment
Why don't community pharmacists report many adverse drug reactions?
Spontaneous reporting of fatal adverse drug reactions in the north east of England
Effect of acute paracetamol overdose on changes in serum electrolytes