Money makes the world go round : the pervasiveness of pharmacoeconomics
Causality assessment in hepatotoxicity by drugs and dietary supplements
Is there evidence for biased reporting of published adverse effects data in pharmaceutical industry-funded studies?
Is the randomized controlled drug trial in Europe lagging behind the USA?
Oral diacetylmorphine (heroin) yields greater morphine bioavailability than oral morphine : bioavailability related to dosage and prior opioid exposure
Ibudilast in healthy volunteers : safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics with single and multiple doses
Population pharmacokinetic modelling of aripiprazole and its active metabolite, dehydroaripiprazole, in psychiatric patients
Evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of digoxin in healthy subjects receiving etoricoxib
The effect of SLCO1B1 polymorphism on repaglinide pharmacokinetics persists over a wide dose range
Population pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenetic analysis of 6-mercaptopurine in paediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Public awareness and views on unlicensed use of medicines in children
Population pharmacokinetics of oral diclofenac for acute pain in children
The effects and safety of dexibuprofen compared with ibuprofen in febrile children caused by upper respiratory tract infection
Predictive factors for generalized seizures after deliberate citalopram overdose
The influence of labour on the pharmacokinetics of intravenously administered amoxicillin in pregnant women
Initiation and persistence with clopidogrel treatment after acute myocardial infarction – a nationwide study
Driving forces behind increasing cardiovascular drug utilization : a dynamic pharmacoepidemiological model
QT prolongation and torsade de pointes associated with solifenacin in an 81-year-old woman
Macrolide–theophylline interactions : no role for the inhibition of cytochrome P4501A2
Psychological, social and behavioural factors that influence drug efficacy : a noteworthy research subject in clinical pharmacology
Starting with serotonin
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