From NCE to NICE: the role of pharmacoeconomics
Effectiveness, safety and cost of drug substitution in hypertension
Generic and therapeutic substitutions in the UK: are they a good thing?
Drugs, money and society (Part II)
Pharmacoeconomics: NICE's approach to decision-making
Cost-effectiveness analysis and efficient use of the pharmaceutical budget: the key role of clinical pharmacologists
General practitioners' views and experiences of over-the-counter simvastatin in Scotland
Value based pricing, research and development, and patient access schemes. Will the United Kingdom get it right or wrong?
Influence of methotrexate exposure on outcome in patients treated with MBVP chemotherapy for primary central nervous system lymphoma
Pharmacokinetics of enteric-coated cysteamine bitartrate in healthy adults: a pilot study
Influences of different proton pump inhibitors on the anti-platelet function of clopidogrel in relation to CYP2C19 genotypes
New genetic variant that might improve warfarin dose prediction in African Americans
Impaired irinotecan biotransformation in hepatic microsomal fractions from patients with chronic liver disease
Perceived adverse drug reactions among non-institutionalized children and adolescents in Germany
Effectiveness of antibiotics for acute sinusitis in real-life medical practice
Concomitant use of ibuprofen and paracetamol and the risk of major clinical safety outcomes
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JAMES WHYTE BLACK 14 June 1924–22 March 2010
A Life in New Drug Research
The failure to show bioequivalence is not evidence against generics
Neonatal seizures on EEG after in utero exposure to venlafaxine
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