The great ESCAPE – a clinical pharmacologist's journey in stroke research
Injection site reactions after subcutaneous oligonucleotide therapy
Pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and safety of ticagrelor in Chinese patients with stable coronary artery disease
Acute p-synephrine ingestion increases fat oxidation rate during exercise
Pharmacokinetics of the novel oral prostacyclin receptor agonist selexipag in subjects with hepatic or renal impairment
COMPARE: Pharmacokinetic profiles of subcutaneous peginterferon beta-1a and subcutaneous interferon beta-1a over 2 weeks in healthy subjects
Population pharmacokinetic analysis to recommend the optimal dose of udenafil in patients with mild and moderate hepatic impairment
Pharmacokinetics of lamotrigine and its metabolite N-2-glucuronide: Influence of polymorphism of UDP-glucuronosyltransferases and drug transporters
Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling of the antimalarial effect of Actelion-451840 in an induced blood stage malaria study in healthy subjects
Impact of perampanel on pharmacokinetics of concomitant antiepileptics in patients with partial-onset seizures: pooled analysis of clinical trials
The determinants of antimicrobial prescribing among hospital doctors in England: a framework to inform tailored stewardship interventions
Quantifying rigidity of Parkinson's disease in relation to laxative treatment: a service evaluation
Developing consensus on hospital prescribing indicators of potential harm for infants and children
Ventricular tachyarrhythmia and sudden cardiac death with domperidone use in Parkinson's disease
Muscle rupture associated with statin use
Atropinic burden of drugs during pregnancy and psychological development of children: a cohort study in the EFEMERIS database
Prescribing pattern of antipsychotic drugs during the years 1996–2010: a population-based database study in Europe with a focus on torsadogenic drugs
Usage patterns of paracetamol in France
High prevalence of risk factors in elderly patients using drugs associated with acquired torsades de pointes chronically in Colombia
Evaluation of the risk of cardiovascular events with clarithromycin using both propensity score and self-controlled study designs
What influences persistence with medicines? A multinational discrete choice experiment of 2549 patients
Impact of strategies to reduce polypharmacy on clinically relevant endpoints: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Peripheral vasoconstriction induced by β-adrenoceptor blockers: a systematic review and a network meta-analysis
Bial trial disaster
Tiotropium safety in ‘real-world’ populations : Response to Schmiedl, et al. in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Response to Wise et al . (Tiotropium safety in real life populations)
Paroxetine use during pregnancy and the risk of cardiac defects
Doxazosin treatment of phaeochromocytoma during pregnancy: placental transfer and disposition in breast milk
Patient monitoring: the hidden costs of treatment with antipsychotics
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