Issue Highlights
The pharmacometrician's dilemma: the tension between mechanistic and empirical approaches in mathematical modelling and simulation – a continuation of the age-old dispute between rationalism and empiricism?
The feasibility and effect of deprescribing in older adults on mortality and health: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Use of antipsychotics and risk of myocardial infarction: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Direct oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation: meta-analysis by geographic region with a focus on European patients
The medication reconciliation process and classification of discrepancies: a systematic review
Therapeutic nucleic acids: current clinical status
Cell membranes… and how long drugs may exert beneficial pharmacological activity in vivo
Recommendations for genetic testing to reduce the incidence of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity
Brentuximab vedotin, an antibody–drug conjugate, in patients with CD30-positive haematologic malignancies and hepatic or renal impairment
Pronounced between-subject and circadian variability in thymidylate synthase and dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase enzyme activity in human volunteers
Models for change in tumour size, appearance of new lesions and survival probability in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer
Pharmacokinetics of ixazomib, an oral proteasome inhibitor, in solid tumour patients with moderate or severe hepatic impairment
Model-based evaluation of pulmonary pharmacokinetics in asthmatic and COPD patients after oral olodaterol inhalation
Salivary caffeine concentrations are comparable to plasma concentrations in preterm infants receiving extended caffeine therapy
Population pharmacokinetics and prophylactic anti-emetic efficacy of ramosetron in surgical patients
Pharmacokinetic–pharmacodynamic modelling of acute N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide after doxorubicin infusion in breast cancer
R- and S-citalopram concentrations have differential effects on neuropsychiatric scores in elders with dementia and agitation
Evaluating renal function and age as predictors of amikacin clearance in neonates: model-based analysis and optimal dosing strategies
Methodological quality of antimalarial randomized controlled trials during pregnancy and its impact on the risk of low birth weight
Respiratory effect of beta-blocker eye drops in asthma: population-based study and meta-analysis of clinical trials
Statin-induced liver injury in an area endemic for hepatitis B virus infection: risk factors and outcome analysis
The impact of a medication review with follow-up service on hospital admissions in aged polypharmacy patients
Risk of venous thromboembolism in cancer patients treated with epoetins or blood transfusions
Potentially inappropriate prescribing according to STOPP and START and adverse outcomes in community-dwelling older people: a prospective cohort study
Prescribing trends of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications in UK primary care, 1995–2015
Do patients with intake of drugs labelled as sleep disturbing really sleep worse? A population based assessment from the Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study
Sofosbuvir and daclatasvir
Is the era of intravenous proton pump inhibitors coming to an end in patients with bleeding peptic ulcers? Meta-analysis of the published literature
Oseltamivir pharmacokinetics in Mexican obese and non-obese healthy subjects and patients. Evidence for an absence of interethnic variability
Statins for primary prevention in practice: clinical use in Wales and the NICE guideline effect