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On authorship in the BJCP
The long and winding road for selective androgen receptor modulators
Fluoxetine and congenital malformations : a systematic review and meta‐analysis of cohort studies
Aprepitant and fosaprepitant drug interactions : a systematic review
Risk factors of adverse health outcomes after hospital discharge modifiable by clinical pharmacist interventions : a review with a systematic approach
Safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacological effects of the selective androgen receptor modulator, GSK2881078, in healthy men and postmenopausal women
Optimizing the dose in cancer patients treated with imatinib, sunitinib and pazopanib
Significant decreases in blood propofol concentrations during adrenalectomy for phaeochromocytoma
Metoprolol‐pridopidine drug–drug interaction and food effect assessments of pridopidine, a new drug for treatment of Huntington's disease
Metformin and daclatasvir : absence of a pharmacokinetic–pharmacodynamic drug interaction in healthy volunteers
The pharmacokinetic interaction between ivacaftor and ritonavir in healthy volunteers
Assessment of effect of CYP3A inhibition, CYP induction, OATP1B inhibition, and high‐fat meal on pharmacokinetics of the JAK1 inhibitor upadacitinib
Prescribing Safety Assessment 2016 : Delivery of a national prescribing assessment to 7343 UK final‐year medical students
A different inhibitor is required for overcoming entecavir resistance : a comparison of four rescue therapies in a retrospective study
Effect of a single intravenous zoledronic acid administration on biomarkers of acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients with osteoporosis : a pilot study
QT interval prolongation in opioid agonist treatment : analysis of continuous 12‐lead electrocardiogram recordings
Treatment of spontaneous preterm labour with retosiban : a phase II pilot dose‐ranging study
Beta‐blocker use and fall risk in older individuals : Original results from two studies with meta‐analysis
R‐warfarin anticoagulant effect
Response to R‐warfarin anticoagulant effect
Fluoxetine and Raynaud's phenomenon : friend or foe?
When two is not better than one
Does a glass of Coke boost the exposure to imatinib in gastrointestinal stromal tumour patients after gastrectomy?
Concomitant medications and obstructive sleep apnoea
Drugs and obstructive sleep apnoea
Veterans Administration (VA) healthcare providers must be aware of the risks of fluoxetine
Real‐world complexity of atrial fibrillation treatment with oral anticoagulants : design and interpretation of pharmacoepidemiological studies
Food intake and darunavir plasma concentrations in people living with HIV in an outpatient setting
Ocular myasthenic syndrome, adverse reaction to omalizumab? A case report