Taking computerized CBT beyond primary care

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Objectives.This study seeks to determine whether the effectiveness of Beating the Blues (BtB), an established computer-based CBT (CCBT) programme, can extend beyond primary care.Design.BtB was delivered and evaluated in an NHS specialist CBT care centre as part of routine care.Method.A sample of 104 service users, typically displaying chronic levels of depression and/or anxiety received CCBT.Results.Completers' scores on the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation-Outcome Measure (CORE-OM), as well as on single-item rating scales for anxiety and depression, improved significantly following the intervention. Statistically significant differences held during intention-to-treat analyses. Almost half of the completer sample achieved reliable and clinically significant change. The results were benchmarked against national data sets.Conclusions.These preliminary findings suggest a potential role for CCBT within secondary care as a first step, self-help treatment tool for anxiety and depression.

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