Genes and environment in the expression of naevi in adults : sunbed use is associated with high naevus counts
Nodular melanoma : patients' perceptions of presenting features and implications for early detection
Comparative study of the clinicopathological characteristics and survival outcome of cutaneous melanoma patients treated with excision biopsy only vs. excision biopsy followed by wide local excision
Thick melanomas : the challenge persists
Meeting the 2-week wait for skin cancer referrals - does it make a difference?
Squamous cell carcinoma - are females missing the boat?
Treatment of chronic graft-versus-host disease with extracorporeal photopheresis : 28 cases
Extracorporeal photopheresis in the treatment of pre-Sézary and Sézary syndrome : the Mayo experience - a 13-year retrospective study at a single institution
Photodynamic therapy for Darier's disease
Natural killer/natural killer-like T-cell lymphoma presenting in the skin : report of six cases
The prevalence and nature of skin problems in a modern intensive haemato-oncology practice
Differential oedema of matrix : a clinical sign and physiological response in nail disease and surgery
Chevron nails are a common finding in childhood : a nail survey
Image analysis in the CMY and K colour planes for a computer-assisted diagnosis of cutaneous pigmented lesions
Optical biopsies in the diagnosis of melanocytic lesions : comparison with clinical and histopathological diagnosis
Digital photography is not a substitute for clinical examination in the management of suspected cutaneous maligancy
Lymphoedema : an underestimated health problem
Cutaneous manifestations of the malignant carcinoid syndrome
The carrier state of tinea capitis infection
Adult Langerhans cell histiocytosis : 49 cases
Implications of withdrawal of immunosuppression in renal transplant recipients with aggressive squamous cell carcinoma
Healing rates following implementation of guidelines for the management of leg ulcers : small projects work better
Diphencyprone for alopecia areata : short-term and long-term outcomes in two centres
Comparison of efficacy of flucinolone acetonide and PUVA on pigment spread following punch grafting in vitiligo
Lichen sclerosus : potent topical steroids can result in resolution of clinical signs as well as symptoms
Trial of vaccination with recombinant vaccinia virus expressing HPV 16 E6 and E7 for high grade vulval intraepithelial neoplasia
A cost-effectiveness rationale for the selection of antimicrobial therapy in acne : a randomized controlled trial
Prognostic factors in very thin melanoma
Oral tetracycline vs. placebo in epidermolysis bullosa simplex - a double-blind, crossover, randomized controlled trial
A clinical-molecular method for detecting Trichophyton tonsurans scalp infection
Clinical features and diagnosis of 42 travellers with cutaneous leishmaniasis returning to a non-endemic country
Paraneoplastic pemphigus : clinicopathological correlation of systemic involvement with autoantibody profiling using neonatal mice
Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita : a heterogeneous clinical spectrum within a series of 15 cases
Narrowband TL-01 ultraviolet B phototherapy : what is the preferred starting dose?
A survey of pretreatment screening for azathioprine with thiopurine methyltransferase
Structured patient reporting of compliance is very inaccurate
Protection from ultraviolet A by car window glass
Atypical erythrokeratoderma associated with a novel chromosomal translocation
A silver suntan?
A new case of X-linked dominant chondrodysplasia punctata
Unilateral flushing - a case of Harlequin syndrome
Lymphomatoid contact dermatitis to para-tertiary-butylphenol resin
Systemic mastocytosis responding to interferon alpha : objective demonstration by flow cytometry
Myeloproliferative disease complicated by late-onset erythropoietic protoporphyria and liver disease
Natural killer cell deficiency and granuloma annulare
Hidradenitis suppurativa and acne keloidalis nuchae treated with clindamycin and rifampicin : a case series
Postpartum borderline tuberculoid leprosy
Unusually extensive papulonodular dermal mucinosis as a presenting feature of systemic lupus erythematosus
A case of childhood dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans without detected cytogenetic abnormality
The incidence of side-effects after laser removal of hair
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in patients with black skin. A 20-year retrospective study
Internal organ involvement in cutaneous sarcoidosis
Diphencyprone immunotherapy of recalcitrant warts in the immunosuppressed
Gravitational eczema : not all bad news
Nipple eczema as a presenting complaint to the dermatology clinic—a 16 patient series
Establishing a sentinel node biopsy service for patients with malignant melanoma
Tubigrip® is an alternative and effective form of compression in the management of venous leg ulceration
Immediate and delayed side-effects of dexamethasone-cyclophosphamide pulse therapy
Psychological distress and alcohol habits in patients with psoriasis
Basement membrane zone antibodies are present in the majority of patients with genital erosive lichen planus but do not confer an adverse prognosis
Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma : a clinicopathological, immunophenotypic and genotypic analysis of six patients
Skin excision is not required in the surgical treatment of digital myxoid cysts
Accuracy of skin cancer diagnosis in a dedicated organ transplant clinic
Prescribing practices when treating acne with oral isotretinoin
Acute stress produces a hypocortisolic response in psoriasis patients who are ‘worriers’
An evaluation of referral and primary treatment pathway for patients with malignant melanoma
Prevalence of glove-related symptoms among staff of a District General Hospital
Management of leg ulcers : care in provider units
Familial lichen sclerosus
Pain induced by topical aminolaevulinic acid-photodynamic therapy
Results of treating 71 traumatic tattoos with Q-switched ruby laser
Cutaneous side-effects of STI571, a novel therapy for chronic myeloid leukaemia
Dermal levels of penciclovir following oral administration of famciclovir measured by microdialysis
Recurrence rates following aminolaevulinic acid-photodynamic therapy for intraepidermal squamous cell carcinoma compare favourably with outcome following conventional therapeutic modalities
Adjuvant sulphamethoxypyridazine in the treatment of pemphigus
Relevance of Chinese herbal medicines (CHM) to the conventional dermatologist : perception of CHM in eczema and psoriasis patients (a questionnaire-based study)
Severe photosensitivity in four patients with erythrodermic cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
Prevalence of flexural dermatitis in children with atopic dermatitis (AD) who fulfilled the U.K. diagnostic criteria for AD, in a community-based study
Sterile inflammatory vaginitis
Clinical dilemmas in diagnosing autosomal dominant or recessive subtypes of dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
European melanoma day—is it a worthwhile exercise?
Alopecia : a risk factor for squamous cell carcinoma of the scalp
The use of oral ondansetron for severe methotrexate-induced nausea in psoriasis
A spectrum of skin reactions to the tyrosine-kinase inhibitor imatinib mesylate (STI 571, Gleevec)
The impact of psoriasis on healthy partners of patients with psoriasis
Abstract withdrawn
Fumaric acid esters for severe recalcitrant psoriasis
A 1-year audit on the 2-week rule for skin cancer; the impact on melanoma diagnosis and waiting lists
An audit of conservative wart management in children
An assessment of irritancy reactions in relation to skin type
Benign vulval vestibular hyperkeratosis
Giving up smoking can adversely affect your health
Compliance in acne is highly correlated to psychological well-being and self presentation
Compliance in psoriasis : patients' self reporting and factors affecting medication adherence
Tropical trophies; holiday hazards a regional experience
Cracking the 2-week wait for skin cancer
Effect of alefacept based on patients' response to prior therapy for psoriasis
The use of short-contact dithranol by U.K. dermatologists
A double-blind multicentre comparative study of oral lymecycline (Tetralysal®) plus a topical retinoid (Differin®p) vs. lymecycline alone in the treatment of moderate acne vulgaris
An observer-blind, randomized, multicentre study of a topical zinc-clindamycin gel (Zindaclin) applied daily with Zindaclin applied twice daily or clindamycin lotion (Dalacin T) applied twice daily in patients with acne
Basal cell carcinomas and the 2-week wait
Fungi and bacteria in the pathogenesis of nail disease
Survey of current U.K. practice in the management of dermatitis herpetiformis
The efficiency of a pigmented lesion clinic
A common mechanism of resistance to pyrethroids in head lice
Head lice infestation in the U.K. : is the incidence falling?
Three sisters with atypical Rothmund—Thomson syndrome
Clinical meaning of change in Dermatology Life Quality Index scores
Is there a North-South divide in presentation of basal cell carcinoma in England?
Treatment of squamous cell carcinoma with curettage and hyfrecation
Lumbosacral hypertrichosis treated with the ruby laser
Adhesions of the prepuce to the glans may occur in Zoon's plasma cell balanitis
Chronic erosive vegetative genital herpes simplex as an immune reconstitution disease after initiation of HAART in two patients with HIV infection
An audit of 2-week skin cancer referrals to a District General Hospital and a comparison with other routes of skin cancer diagnosis
Discoid lupus erythematosus with secondary amyloidosis
Retrospective analysis of the occurrence of internal malignancy in patients treated with PUVA between 1986 and 1999 in south Warwickshire
Cyclosporin-induced folliculodystrophy
Early dermatology services in Manchester : 1750–1888
The role of women in British dermatology
Skin abnormalities in the National Portrait Gallery
Serendipity, a reliable treatment for psoriasis throughout the ages
Treatment of lentigo maligna with imiquimod
The use of a dermatoscope in a pigmented lesion clinic
Two cases of malignant melanoma arising in familial cancer syndromes : highlighting the need for skin examination in these patient subgroups
Giant basal cell carcinomas
Treatment outcomes at a regional cutaneous laser surgery centre
Helical rim advancement flap in six patients
Quality of life evaluation following endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy for upper limb and facial hyperhidrosis
Shave excision of intradermal naevi : a survey of patient satisfaction
Venous lakes of the vermilion lip treated by infrared coagulation
Pulsed dye laser treatment of port-wine stains : clinical response and treatment characteristics
Red ink tattoo reactions : successful treatment with the Nd
Audit of patient satisfaction with laser hair removal
Axillary skin excision for hyperhidrosis
Factors influencing tumour-free margins in excised basal cell carcinoma
Setting up a Mohs service : psychosocial implications
Preoperative monitoring of warfarin in cutaneous surgery
Clinical effect of the pulsed dye laser at 600 nm and 595 nm in the treatment of 585 nm resistant port-wine stains
Horn cysts : no reason for complacency
Solitary neurofibromas - a retrospective survey
Audit of drug therapies prior to dermatological surgery with particular emphasis on aspirin
Non-ablative resurfacing using the pulsed dye laser and variable pulse width Nd : YAG (Versapulse) laser
Successful palliation of cutaneous calcinosis in CREST syndrome with carbon dioxide laser
Which allergens should be in the additional series used for patch-testing?
House dust mite - a useful addition to the facial series
Occupational dermatitis in relation to chrome and cobalt : experience of U.K. dermatologists and occupational physicians over 8 years
Demographic and clinical data as a means of predicting positive patch test reactions to nickel - a questionnaire based survey
Reducing trend in the incidence of Primula contact allergic dermatitis
Should Taraxacum officinale (dandelion extract) be on the standard series?
Immediate contact reactions to fragrance breakdown products and balsam of Peru
Patch testing with pure tea tree oil - 12 months experience
Contact dermatitis to medicaments used on the eyes
Patch testing for corticosteroid allergy with low and high concentrations of tixocortol pivalate and budesonide
Nitric oxide synthase expression by keratinocytes and endothelial cells in acute irritant contact dermatitis : a quantitative immunocytochemical study
Medilan TM—reduced incidence of contact dermatitis compared with lanolin
Shoe dermatitis due to colophony used as a leather tanning agent in Portuguese shoes
Contact dermatitis to textile and dye allergens requires a high degree of suspicion for diagnosis : a review of 18 cases
Latex allergy : presentation, risk factors and diagnosis in 48 patients
Dental veneers - a cause of oral problems
Allergic contact dermatitis from medium chain triglycerides in a moisturizer lotion
Analysis of dendritic cell populations in lichen sclerosus
Naevus or melanoma cells?
Is malignant melanoma more common and aggressive in organ transplant recipients?
Expression of beta-catenin in basal cell carcinomas
Juvenile onset non-X histiocytosis as a presentation of haematological malignancy—a report of two cases
Post-transplant primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. A report of three cases receiving immunosuppressive therapy with cyclosporin
Menstrual variation in expression of the alpha-oestrogen receptor
Psoriasis bullosa acquisita
Unilateral cutaneous graft-versus-host syndrome along Blaschko's lines
Papular acantholytic dyskeratosis of the vulva presenting as genital warts
Scleromyxoedema-like eruption following haemodialysis
Gorlin's syndrome, non-Hodgkin's B-cell lymphoma and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
Subcutaneous T-cell lymphoma with haemophagocytic syndrome evolving from erythema induratum
Painful eruptive cholesterotic dermatofibromas in a patient with hyperlipidaemia
Gold-induced drug eruptions : the role of histology
Pregnancy precipitating α-1 antitrypsin deficiency panniculitis
Localized scleroderma secondary to deep skin necrosis associated with sertraline
Acquired dermal melanocytosis
Co-existing lichen planopilaris and macular amyloidosis
Clinical and pathological spectrum of amelanotic melanoma
Aneurysmal fibrous histiocytoma—an unusual variant of a common lesion
Pitfalls in the diagnosis of erythroderma
Verrucous carcinoma of the vulva associated with lichen sclerosus : a report of two cases
Leiomyosarcoma associated with Li Fraumeni syndrome
Microvenular haemangioma
Familial multiple glomus tumours
Plexiform fibrohistiocytic tumour
Subungual neurothekeoma
Exfoliative cytology in the diagnosis of common skin tumours
Three unusual cases of calcinosis cutis
Melanoma arising in a congenital naevus spilus
An uncommon cause of leukaemia cutis
Actinic granuloma of O'Brien in association with chronic doxycycline photosensitivity
Angiogenesis in squamoproliferative disorders
Amastia and genitourinary abnormalities in the ectodermal dysplasia, ectrodactyly and cleft lip/palate syndrome
Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa with a novel LAMB3 mutation and normal nails
Phakomatosis pigmentovascularis type 2β : a case report
Spontaneously resolving keratoacanthoma in xeroderma pigmentosum
Dermatomyofibroma in an 8-month-old infant
Hydroa vacciniforme with oral involvement
Recalcitrant ulcers in necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum healed by granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor
Further cases of idiopathic aseptic facial granuloma?
Group A streptococcal infection mimicking herpes simplex infection in childhood atopic dermatitis : a report of seven cases
The effect of blue light phototherapy on mild to moderate acne
Double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial of the use of topical potassium hydroxide in the treatment of molluscum contagiosum
An overview of the work of the Eczema Pathway Group in Cornwall
The efficacy and tolerability of borage oil in children and adults with atopic eczema—a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study
Short-term growth and bone turnover in children undergoing occlusive steroid dressing (wet wraps) for treatment of eczema
Systemic treatment in children with atopic dermatitis—does it work?
Evaluation of patients who present with an exposed site dermatosis
Provocation testing in polymorphic light eruption using fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) A and UVB lamps
A study of methods to predict sensitivity to narrow-band ultraviolet B in psoriasis
Psoriasis patients improve faster and require less ultraviolet B using combination TL-01 phototherapy and calcipotriol
An intra-individual comparative study of PUVA erythema induced by bath 8-methoxypsoralen and 4,5',8-trimethylpsoralen
Porokeratosis treated with topical 5-aminolaevulinic acid photodynamic therapy
Audit of photopheresis in Belfast City Hospital
Nifedipine contributes to photodamage in renal transplant recipients
Sunscreens and the British public
The green tea polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate can protect human fibroblasts from ultraviolet A and visible irradiation-induced DNA damage
Glutathione-S-transferase GSTM1 null genotype is not over-represented in Irish patients with malignant melanoma
Spectrophotometric intracutaneous analysis : a novel technique in the differential diagnosis of psoriasis and eczema
Ultraviolet phototherapy and photochemotherapy in Northern Ireland
Initial experience with the Excimer laser in dermatology
Severe angio-oedema following photopheresis therapy in a patient with Sézary syndrome